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First and foremost, PLAN is a support network of people, who realize that amidst classes, work, and other life commitments, you are only human! That’s why personability is at the core of our one-on-one advising and support. Our Campus Coordinators are there every step of the way, whether it’s for program specific guidance, or just a check in! Each of our Coordinators is a recent grad with hands-on experience in on-campus organizing.

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Benefits of Membership

Step-by-Step Advising

Whether you are starting a new program, reviving an old one, or passing off leadership to the incoming class, our Campus Coordinators are available for one-on-one program guidance every step of the way. In addition to regular check-ins via phone and email, students can engage with us through leadership trainings and program specific workshops in person and online. Read more about trainings and workshops here!

Nationwide Collaboration

Whether your campus is just starting to recycle, or has developed an extensive Zero Waste Strategy, utilize PLAN’s network to connect with other campuses across the country that are implementing waste reduction programs. Students from member campuses receive discounted registration for our annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, where they can connect with organizations, socially responsible companies, and experts in the field working towards innovative solutions to waste.

Educational Online Tools

Supplemental to our step-by-step advising are a collection of program-specific resources, including best-practice manuals and guides, budget and logistics templates, program development workshops and skills certification trainings.

  • Want to participate in an online certificate training or workshop session? Or better yet, want to have the PLAN team facilitate a full-day training on your campus? Find out more here.

Promotional Support

We work with you to spread the word about your Zero Waste efforts. Utilize our advertising materials for on-campus outreach, host a PLAN-facilitated training for campuses in your region, and utilize our media platforms to put your program in the national spotlight!

Recycling 2.0

We work with expanded recycling facilities to aggregate hard-to-recycle materials for more cost-efficiency. Receive recommendations on responsible recycling partners in your region for hard-to-recycle items like carpets, clothing, electronic, Styrofoam and more!

Partner Discounts

From B-corps to 1% for the Planet members, we partner with socially responsible companies to provide campuses with purchasing discounts on products and services that will foster program success. These can be accessed by individual students, by departments, or by campuses ordering in bulk. For more information, check out our Retail Discount and GPO Discount documents.

Our Programs

Through step-by-step advising, PLAN provides students with the necessary skills and information to implement Zero Waste initiatives on their respective campuses, all while connecting them with sustainable businesses, non-profits, and waste management professionals that will support the success of these initiatives. Members of our network are exposed to these relationships and best-practice solutions through our annual Students for Zero Waste Conference, compensated student internships, online tools, and sustainable products that incentivize engagement for program success. Ultimately, PLAN serves as a liaison for information sharing on everything Zero Waste.

Submit a Membership Inquiry
Submit a Membership Inquiry

Thanks to Rachael Warriner for taking all the awesome photos pictured on this webpage at our Students for Zero Waste Conference.