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Businesses and Nonprofits working together toward a world without waste.

The Post-Landfill Action Network welcomes business and nonprofits who are working towards a world without waste to partner with us.

  • Preferred Vendor Partnerships: PLAN campus programs depend on vendors for truck rental, storage, supplies, and other expenses. Partners extend discounts to PLAN members in exchange for recognition as a preferred vendor.
  • Recyclers: We want to take recycling beyond just cans and bottles. We’re seeking recycling partners who can help address hard-to-recycle resources like textiles, carpeting, furniture, etc.
  • Upcyclers, and refurbishers: Do you fix broken items or turn them into something new and wonderful through upycling? We’d love to connect with you! We’re compiling a database of allies who can help handle waste, from hobbyists to corporations.
  • Eco-friendly Services and Products: Are you a product or service provider who has figured out an innovative way to reduce waste? We’d like to highlight your work!

Current PLAN partners are featured here.

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