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Call for Speakers!

We’re looking for leaders in zero waste to present workshops and speak on plenaries. Share your message with student leaders from across the country!
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Is there a topic that you have always wondered about? Need advice on a specific project? Working on certain skills? Let us know and we will do our best to include it for you!
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Meet the Keynote

Originally from Sweden, Lisa Bjerke gained her interest in discarded resource management while working as the compost manager during her undergraduate study at College of the Atlantic. She received a Watson Fellowship in 2013 to travel to Germany, India, China, and Japan, exploring human conceptions of waste and resources. In 2015, she gave a TEDx talk about embracing the need to discard and addressing waste as verb, not a noun. Lisa’s address will be titled “Discarded Resources: Moving beyond waste on a college campus.”

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Workshop and Plenary Details
Dynamic Plenaries: Each plenary session will consist of a “Fire Round” followed by “Break-Out Groups”.
Fire Rounds will be facilitated in a similar fashion to a traditional plenary, with a mediator allowing each panel member 3 to 5 minutes to quickly and concisely speak to their specific subject matter within the plenary topic. The intention is to give audience members an overview of all of the subject matter within the larger plenary topic from which they can engage in further through break-out groups.
Each Break-Out Group will be facilitated by a Fire Round speaker, accompanied by up to 2 co-presenters who are experts in the sub-topic to guide a more intimate conversation. Break Out Groups will last roughly 45 minutes after the Fire Round.
Global Waste Crisis Plenary: 
      – Food Waste
      – Plastic Pollution & Toxicity
      – Social & Environmental Justice
      – Landfills, Incinerators, & Inefficient Waste Infrastructure
      – Planned Obsolescence and the Consumer Economy
Zero Waste Solutions Plenary:
      – Reuse and Repair
      – Business Innovation
      – Zero Waste Lifestyle
      – Community Engagement & Empowerment
Workshops: Workshop sessions will be allocated 60 mins each, and will include fall into two main categories to flow with our Problem-Solution-Action conference structure.
Skills-Building includes:
    – Leadership Turnover
    – Volunteer Recruitment
    – Grant-Writing 101
    – Work-Life Balance
    – Internships or Work-Study programs
    – Storytelling
    – Power-Mapping
Action & Implementation includes:
    – Composting Programs
    – Improving Recycling and Composting Rates
    – Campus Waste Audits
    – Standardization of Waste Infrastructure
    – Zero Waste Stadiums, Events, & Tailgating
    – Campus Procurement
    – Banning Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, or Plastic Bottles
    – Campus Free & Thrift Stores
    – Students for Zero Waste Clubs
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Speaker & Workshop Proposals SZW16
1 being "newcomers" and 5 being Zero Waste "experts"!
Ask yourself: What will you cover? How will you cover it? How will you engage your audience? What is the goal of your session? For Workshops, what kinds of activities will you run and how will you use your time? 1000 characters or less.
New found knowledge about a topic? A new skill?

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The 3rd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference is set to be held at the University of New Hampshire, November 4th-5th, 2016. We want you to be involved!

We want to hear from YOU. Is there a topic you especially want to hear about, a speaker that you would like to see attend, a workshop you want to take, a skill you feel you want to hone??

Our first conference in 2014 gathered over 160 attendees representing 50 campuses across the country – last year’s conference in 2015 grew to over 300 attendees, which through a collaborative effort, were able to create less than 5 lbs of landfill waste for the entire weekend! In the past, we have had individuals speak to anything from socio-environmental impacts of plastic pollution in the oceans to DIY techniques for your own Zero Waste life. We want to continue to expand on the intersectionality of the Global Waste Crisis, and foster innovative solutions that are accessible to all.

So help us to continue to grow the movement: share the event far and wide, and tell us what you want to see at this years 3rd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference!

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