Students for Zero Waste

Post-Landfill Action Network Conference

The Students for Zero Waste Conference is an international gathering of student leaders working to solve waste in their campus communities. Stay tuned for more information about the 2nd annual conference, taking place Fall 2015.

Click here to visit the archived page for the 2014 Students for Zero Waste Conference, which drew over 160 students from 48 schools across the country!


The Student’s for Zero Waste Conference is a must-attend educational and networking event for student sustainability leaders. The plenary sessions topics and speakers address a wide variety of issues and solutions that everyone in this field needs to be aware of. The workshop sessions provide students with cutting edge organizing, leadership and sustainability practices. PLAN has created an excellent event that effectively furthers the zero-waste campus movement.

Lia Colabello

Director of Development & Community Engagement, The 5 Gyres Institute

Universities are the perfect environments in which to build a zero-waste movement– the infrastructure and momentum are already present and ripe for student leadership to take hold. This event helped to give motivated students the tools, ideas, strategies, and contacts to start making changes on campuses all over the country. A conference focused on the waste crisis specifically, rather than the environment in general, was long overdue, and PLAN knocked it out of the park.

Audrey Kriva

Co-founder, DormMania, College of William & Mary

The Zero Waste Conference has been the highlight of my school-year thus far! I emerged from the conference with lots of new information as well as a wealth of new contacts, connections, and job opportunities useful in the environmental field. The true highlight of the conference was the students. Fighting for the environment can sometimes feel like a lonely uphill battle. Seeing so many passionate students and professionals was motivating and inspiring to me to keep pushing for the conservation of our shared planet.

Evan Zachary

Sophomore, Environmental Health and Safety, Rochester Institute of Technology