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Fall 2022

Iyanu Corniel | Partnerships Director | New College of Florida ’19 | She/Her Iyanu graduated from New College of Florida with a BA in Environmental Studies. She is passionate about sustainable fashion and design, urban planning, and intersectional environmentalism. She was the President of the Council of Green Affairs as part of her school’s student government. She hopes to use her position at PLAN to move other college campuses toward inclusive Environmental reform in accordance with PLAN’s mission. In her free time, Iyanu is a performing artist, fashion stylist, and a dedicated member of her large Caribbean family.

Summer 2022

Charlotte Rovelli | Manual & Resource Design PLANtern | University of Texas at Austin ’23 | She/Her Charlotte is currently a Design major at the University of Texas at Austin. She enjoys exploring the ways in which her passions for publication design and environmentalism intersect. Through her work, she aims to create a welcoming environment with friendly opportunities for future discussion, collaboration and growth. In her spare time you can find Charlotte taking long walks through her local park, swimming in the nearest water source or seeking out live music.

Lisa Smart | Atlas Zero Waste PLANtern | Vassar College ’22 | She/Her Lisa graduated from Vassar College in 2022 with a major in Anthropology and minors in Environmental Studies and French & Francophone Studies. At Vassar, Lisa worked as an intern for the Office of Sustainability and served as president of a student-led environmental organization focused on waste reduction. She also worked closely with administrators on student-life, housing, and dining committees to ensure transparency between student actions and executive decisions. After attending graduate school, Lisa hopes to pursue a career working with environmental justice communities and victims of climate displacement.

Spring 2022

Rachael Hood | STOP Fellowship Coordinator | Oberlin College ’20 | Name or They/Them Rachael is currently a graduate student at West Virginia University finishing a master’s thesis about pipeline buildout in the Ohio River Valley, and they are excited to support student mobilization against the petrochemical industry in the region. When not working or studying, Rachael can be found gardening, learning guitar, or playing with their cat, Duke.

Fall 2021

Yu-Shien Ni | Co-Director of Atlas Zero Waste Strategy | UC Berkeley | She/Her Yu-Shien graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019 with a double major in Molecular Environmental Biology: Human Health & the Environment and Conservation & Resource Studies, with a self-designed emphasis on Regenerative Urban Design. Yu-Shien has always been interested in circular systems that address issues of justice and hold polluters accountable to social and environmental remediation, which drew her to zero waste and food justice work at Berkeley. At Berkeley, Yu-Shien worked for the Student Environmental Resource Center, served on the Board of Directors for the Berkeley Student Food Collective, and as an intern performed a zero waste assessment for the Clif Bar & Co. Outside the office, you can find Yu-Shien engaged in a positive feedback loop of eating/cooking/baking/drinking and climbing/hiking/biking/swimming.

Summer 2021

Kayla Conway | Co-Director of Atlas Zero Waste Strategy | SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry ’19 | She/Her or They/Them     As an undergraduate student, Kayla studied Sustainable Energy Management with minors in Sustainable Construction and Management. In her free time on campus, she enjoyed performing waste audits, hosting recycling education and zero waste workshops, and helping the campus establish a compost contract. Her work with students on campus and teaching in the Syracuse City School District solidified her beliefs in collective action for progressive change. Kayla loves sunshine, community gardens, farmers markets and authentic conversation.

Natalie Li  | Movement Tools PLANtern | She/Her Natalie is a rising junior at Wellesley College studying History. She is passionate about researching environmental justice, theories of change, and histories informed by local knowledge and grassroots social movements. As a student on hiatus from school, she hopes to spend her time at PLAN learning from other student activists and brainstorming new sustainability initiatives for her own campus. In her free time, she enjoys running with friends, reading political theory, and trying out new banana bread recipes.

Molly Thayer | Movement Tools PLANtern  | Oberlin College  | He/She/They Molly is a recycled textile artist / fashion designer and maker passionate about fostering cyclical resource streams and community knowledge. Molly recently graduated from Oberlin College with a major in Environmental Studies, focused in Innovative Community Recycling and Studio Art. At Oberlin, they were a member of the Resource Conservation Team, a student-run zero waste organization that redistributes a multitude of local resources such as clothing, compost, and food. They believe that creativity and expression are crucial elements to survival and community care in the anthropocene, and that our bodies hold radical and valuable knowledge. At PLAN, they hope to uplift the value of narrative data within movement tools by creating a template for student stakeholder interviews.

Jessica Zubia Calsada | Students of Zero Waste PLANtern | She/Her  Jessica is a 22 year old digital content creator, environmental justice advocate, and a self proclaimed vegan chef. She recently graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz where she double majored in Community Studies and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Global Environmental Justice. On her platform, @plantawhisperer, Jessica strives to highlight the intersections of veganism, environmentalism, and liberation through artistic graphics and storytelling.

Sofia Mesa | Campus Contracts Investigator PLANtern  | University of Miami ’22  | She/Her  Sofia is a first generation Cuban-American college student from Miami, FL. She is a Senior and Hammond Scholar at the University of Miami, graduating with a double major in English, and Ecosystem Science and Policy. At UM Sofia served as the Chair of Student Government’s environmental agency, ECO and as the Founding Sustainability Director at the free campus thrift swap and student organization, UThrift. Sofia works at nonprofit Debris Free Oceans as their Internship Director, overseeing interns as they educate and organize addressing plastic pollution and supporting solutions. Sofia hopes to pursue a career in environmental policy, working on circular solutions that support communities and grassroots efforts organizing for a more sustainable planet.

Ken Patterson | Creative Social Media Intern | They/Them  Ken is studying Studio Art and Journalism at UofSC. She is a passionate gardener and sustainability advocate and is so excited to join the PLAN team!

Donnie Monk | Creative Social Media Intern | She/Her  Donnie is an environmental journalist who communicates about the intersectionality of environmentalism. She aspires to share a new perspective to environmental activism in communities that suffer from generations of environmental racism.⁠

Summer 2020

 Alex Gordon |  Special Project Manager and Intern Alex Gordon is a current student at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. She is most passionate about grassroots organizing around environmental and climate justice! Right now she is safe with her family in Houston, Texas. In her free time, she loves to read dystopian novels, walk her dog, and spend time at any beach.

Fall 2020

Abby Schultz | Creative Director | Savannah College of Art and Design ’17 | She/Hers    Abby is a graphic designer focusing on sustainable design and service design utilizing design thinking strategy, biomimicry, and other human centered approaches to solving problems. She is excited about system-based solutions that combat waste and consumption and how visual design can support grassroots movements. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, embroidering baseball caps, and riding her bicycle.

Kamau Pope | Special Projects Manager | College of Charleston ’16 | They/Them or He/Him    During his time in undergrad, Kamau studied Women’s and Gender Studies and African American Studies where his spark for moving intersectional work began. He has spent a few years organizing in South Carolina with Carolina Youth Action Project and Southerners on New Ground (SONG). He is excited to continue seeding and cultivating a culture of zero waste and supporting broader movement work with students all across the nation alongside the PLAN team. Pope is a complete Virgo with Scorpio (rising) tendencies who quotes Audre Lorde as much as possible, and works with a queer security and cultural project called Tiger’s Eye Collective. In his spare time, he enjoys writing, admiring ducks from afar, and dreaming of liberation.

Fall 2019

Chris Kane | Campus Coordinator and Director of Campus Research and Resource Development | UC Santa Cruz ’15 | They/Them   In their undergrad, Chris focused on the implications of extractive industries for Indigenous communities in the Global South, while providing programmatic support for the UC systemwide goal of Zero Waste by 2020. At PLAN, Chris consults on campuswide waste management systems and designs student leadership training curriculum.

Spring 2019

Audrey Kriva | Director of Partnerships | College of William and Mary ’17 | She/Hers  Audrey is a recent grad from William & Mary, where she studied biology and computer science but spent most of her time thinking and talking about trash. She founded DormMania, W&M’s moveout program, during her freshman year and went on to serve as the first Student Rep on PLAN’s Board. Audrey spent 7 summers teaching rock climbing at a Richmond, VA outdoor adventure camp, but now lives in Philadelphia. She is a board game enthusiast.

Meghann Cranford | Atlas Strategist and Campus Coordinator | University of Wyoming ’17 | She/Hers   While at the University of Wyoming, Meghann worked with a group of students to coordinate zero waste event efforts at an annual social justice conference- the Shepard Symposium on Social Justice. She also spearheaded a solar powered music festival for her community and expanded zero waste conversations to athletics and academic departments on campus. Her passion for waste stems from the environmental injustices that are tied to the disproportionate dumping of our resources. While with PLAN, she has supported students in starting waste reduction projects on their campuses and expanded her work to include campuswide zero waste planning through our Atlas project.

Adina Spertus-Melhus | Research Director and Campus Coordinator | Swarthmore College ’17 | She/Her   In undergrad Adina studied Environmental Theory and Action, with a specific focus on waste. This passion led her to help run a move-out program and establish a campus free store. She loves reading, writing, watching movies, and discussing our varied perceptions of “sustainability.”

Winter 2018

Dru Baker | SZW18 Conference Coordination Fellow | Oberlin College ’16 | She/Hers Dru is an experienced community-engaged researcher, youth empowerer and environmental geologist who has worked with communities of color in Cleveland, Milwaukee and Africatown on matters pertaining to Environmental Justice. Her many years of service work have prepared her for a lifetime of prioritizing the needs of communities, offering her expertise in the form of community-engaged projects, and decentralizing the professional knowledge that often remains in places where the propensity for change is seldom realized. When she’s not doing the EJ thing, Dru loves to inspire others with music, dance, and DJ!

Summer 2018

Luke Doverspike | Atlas Intern | University of New Hampshire ’20 | He/Him Luke is a rising junior dual majoring in Sustainability and Business Administration with an option in Marketing. He is currently the President of Marketing and Social Media for CompostCats at UNH and thrives as the Communications Associate for Net Impact UNH. His goals include integrating sustainability and business. This Summer, Luke is assessing waste management infrastructure at UNH to provide the outline of a strategic plan to achieve Zero Waste for the campus.

Shelby Kim | Menstrual Equity Project Intern | Smith College ‘18 | She/Hers or They/Them  Shelby studied sociology and social change at Smith, and learned so much from fellow student activists across all issues. Most of Shelby’s efforts focused on pushing for change as an Eco Rep peer leader and an animal rights advocate, and through initiating a strong collective project to make reusable menstrual products universally accessible on campus. She is passionate about skill sharing, cooperative living, contact improv dance, and economic and reproductive justice.

Nina Angileri | Reuse Economy Research Intern | Haverford College ‘19 | She/Hers Nina is a junior at Haverford College, where she majors in Archaeology and double minors in German and Museum Studies. Through an Environmental Anthropology course, she discovered her passion for climate-related environmental issues. When not helping at her campus farm or researching for her college’s Historical Society, you can find her working out, cooking, making art, or trying out DIY projects.

Emily Cheng | Reuse Economy Research Intern | Rutgers University ’20 | She/Hers Emily is a rising junior at Rutgers University studying environmental policy and economics. She is passionate about environmental justice, sustainable food, climate change, and environmental communication. After organizing two clothing swaps this past semester, Emily is looking forward to developing more zero waste programs and creating a culture of sustainability on campus.

Summer 2017

Clara Ferraz- Fundraising Development Intern | Oberlin College ’14 Clara is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (born and raised) and went to Oberlin College (OH) for her undergrad in Environmental Studies. Since graduating in January 2014, Clara has spent the past two years working as the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the Friends of Tijuca National Park. At Oberlin, she was involved in several zero waste initiatives, including the Resource Conservation Team, running campus Free Store, perfecting the campus recycling system, and initiating the dorm composting system.

Morgan Laner- Zero Waste Roadmap Intern | Rollins College ’18 Morgan is a rising senior at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL with a degree in environmental studies and sociology. She is originally from Texas and has spent time abroad in Australia where she really honed in her passion for zero waste! This past year as a Sustainability Coordinator she helped lead an initiative to remove plastic bags across campus and is now working to revamp recycling efforts at Rollins. On the side, she’s a fan of waffles, bullet pointed lists, sloths, and her Chaco tan.

Lauren Thomas- Spring/Summer Creative Social Media Intern | University of Kentucky ’18  Lauren is currently a junior at the University of Kentucky studying Communications and Environmental Studies. There she works with UK’s Office of Sustainability to get people active with sustainability in their community. When she graduates she wants to move into the field of Environmental Communications to inform and engage the public in environmental issues. When she’s not surfing the interwebs (and even sometimes when she is), you can find her attempting to set up her hammock in ill-advised places.

Evan Zachary Move-Out and Goodwill Partnership Intern | RIT ’17 Evan Zachary, originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is wrapping up his undergrad in Environmental Health and Safety at RIT and am starting into the Sustainable Systems MS program for next year. Currently, he is working with a local organization, The Flower City Pickers, to recover and redistribute fresh produce and bread from the Rochester Public Market to shelters and pantries around town. Previously he has worked for GE Aviation, and before that for Goodbye Goodbuy, RIT’s move-out collection move-in sale.

Dan Pontoh- Points of Intervention Tour Intern | GBCC ’16 Daniel started organizing as the President of the STEM Club at Great Bay Community College holding events to fund raise for a public use 3D Printer. From there he got involved with Next Gen Climate as a Fellow to turn out students to vote during the NH Primary and then as one of the lead Field Organizers for the General Election. He and his team turned out their campus to the polls at record breaking levels for the region and had one of the highest per-capita campus turnouts in the country. Since the election, he’s been volunteer organizing around immigrant rights campaigns for his state, holdingDataRescue hack-a-thons, and leading the 350NH Offshore Wind Campaign team.

Genevieve DeGroot- Creative Director | Wesleyan University ’15 Recently sprung from the liberal arts womb of Wesleyan University, Genevieve is excited to be using her creative skills for good (furthering the zero waste movement) rather than for evil (furthering corporate greed). Outside of PLAN you’ll find her climbing trees, singing loudly, and pushing that thin boundary between “crafting hobby” and “hoarding problem.”

Spring 2017

Lisa Demaine- Campus Expansion Fellow | UNH ’16 Finishing a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of New Hampshire, Lisa is excited to move from the sidelines to the action when it comes to PLAN. Lisa has watched PLAN grow since it’s infancy while taking part in organizing around fossil fuel divestment and removing big money from politics. She is known to laugh and dance at regular invertals and loves a ‘good’ pun.

Fall 2016

Siti Mohd Khairi – Creative Social Media Intern – UMass Amherst ’16

Abby Kessler – Creative Social Media Intern – University of New Hampshire 

Summer 2016

Hayley Harmon – Director of Partnerships – University of New Hampshire ’14
Erik Gonzales-Kramer – Storytelling Intern – Oberlin College ’17
Sydney Grange – Movement Building Intern – Warren Wilson College ’17
AldĂ­s Elfarsdottir – Movement Building Intern – Harvard College ’19
Aryn Aiken – Visual Media Intern – New York University ’18
Gabby Greaves – Goodwill Partnership Intern – University of New Hampshire ’18
Neil Chavan – Grantwriting Intern – Case Western Reserve University ’19
Bob Keefe – Trash 2 Treasure Move Out Intern – University of New Hampshire ’17

Summer 2015

Amanda Chang – Intern – Pitzer College ’16. Amanda is an Environmental Analysis and History Double Major at Pitzer College and is co-president of Pitzer’s EcoCenter club. She has been working for Pitzer’s ReRoom Move Out program since its inception in 2013 and helped develop an expanded recycling manual with PLAN.

Bekah Vineyard – Intern – Clark University ’17 Bekah is studying International Development and Social Change with a minor in Global Environmental Studies. She is interested in the social intersection of people and planet, and passionate about how the two affect one another. Bekah helped develop our plastic free campuses manual in collaboration with the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Soraya Yoshida – Intern – Federal University of Technology, Panara. Soraya interned with PLAN during her year as an exchange student in the United States as part of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, in which she studied Environmental Engineering at Drexel University. She helped us create a manual for food recovery and composting programs.

Eric Peterson – PLAN/Carsey Intern – University of New Hampshire ’17. Eric is studying Civil Engineering at UNH. He has been involved with the Student Environmental Action Coalition coordinating the People’s Climate March trip and working to expand composting possibilities on campus. Eric was an intern through the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy and worked to develop our partnership with WasteFocus, while writing a pretty sweet manual on conducting waste audits.

Sarah Diamond – Intern – Lawrence University ’17 Sarah is an International Relations major and History minor at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. She used her experience as co-president of the Food Recovery Network chapter at her university to help develop a manual on food recovery for PLAN’s member campuses.

Alex Villa – Intern – Boston University ’16 Alex is an Electrical Engineering major with a concentration in Energy Technologies. His interest in sustainable development and green technological innovation started with his work in international development projects with Engineers without Borders. He used his knowledge of e-waste and Waste-To-Energy systems to help develop an expanded recycling manual.

Gurt Masterson – Intern – Earlham College ’17 Gurt is a leader in both the Rose City Coffee Co-operative and the Responsible Energy Investment Campaign at Earlham College, where he studies Peace and Global Studies.  He is also an active member of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, the Bicycle Co-operative, and a student workers in his department’s office. Gurt helped us develop a free and thrift store manual.

Winter 2015

Camilla Elvis – Campus Research and Resource Development – Barnard College ’14. Camilla studied Political Science & Economics at Columbia and Oxford Universities. Camilla has worked on Senate campaigns and environmental organizing since high school, establishing reuse programs on her campus and in her hometown.

Summer 2014

Giselle Hart – Business Development Fellow – University of New Hampshire ’17. Giselle worked with PLAN through an internship co-hosted by UNH’s Carsey Institute at the Center on Social Innovation and Finance.

Brittany Bollenbach – Network Development Fellow – SUNY Purchase ’14. Brittany was the founder of Freenew, a PLAN member program at SUNY Purchase. Over the summer, she worked to expand PLAN’s campus network.

Kim Corkum – Social Media Intern – College of the Holy Cross ’15. Kim created engaging and educational content for PLAN’s blog and social media platforms. Under her leadership, PLAN’s web traffic quadrupled and our Facebook likes doubled! Click here to read Kim’s posts!

Spring 2014

Carolyn Bradley – Research Intern – University of New Hampshire ’14. Carolyn studies economics and justice studies at UNH. For her internship, she investigated extended producer responsibility legislation in the U.S. and abroad. Read what she discovered on the PLAN blog.

Lauren Brodie – Research Intern – University of New Hampshire ’16. Lauren studies environmental science, and conducted a research internship on the long-term effects of landfills on health and the environment. Read Lauren’s blog posts here!

Heather Frechette – Research Intern – University of New Hampshire ’16. Heather studies environmental science. Her research focused on the effects of plastics in landfills and the environment. Read Heather’s blog posts here!

Hannah Gibson – Research Intern – Boston University ’17. Hannah studies mechanical engineering, and will be researching the remanufacturing industry. Read Hannah’s posts on the PLAN blog!

Stefan Dutka – Clark University ’16. Seeking to learn more about social innovation start-ups and driven by his love of the outdoors, Stefan served as a volunteer intern with PLAN. He helped start relationships with recycling companies across the Northeast that are instrumental to our work towards a zero-waste world.

Winter 2014

Brett Chamberlin | Co-Founder | New York University ’13 After helping to launch PLAN, Brett accepted a position at The Story of Stuff Project in Berkeley, CA. There, Brett is working to end the flow of junk mail by managing Catalog Choice, a free online service that helps over 2 million users reduce paper waste. Outside of the office, Brett is an avid bicyclist and board game geek.