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Alex Freid

Founder & Director | University of New Hampshire ’13  Alex is an activist and organizer who has been working to end waste since high school. Alex was a co-founder of UNH Trash 2 Treasure and has received the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award, the Udall Scholarship, and the Brower Youth Award for his work against waste.

Email: alex@postlandfill.org

Faye Christoforo

Co-Director and Campus Coordinator | Earlham College ’14       Faye studied Sociology and Anthropology at Earlham College, where she was the founder of the EC Free Store and a leader in her school’s Responsible Energy Investment Campaign. Faye studied abroad in India, Tanzania, New Zealand, Guatemala and Mexico, where she researched waste management systems.

Email: faye@postlandfill.org

Genna DeGroot

Creative Director | Wesleyan University ’15 Freshly sprung from the liberal arts womb of Wesleyan University, Genna is excited to be using her creative skills for good (furthering the zero waste movement) rather than for evil (furthering corporate greed). Outside of PLAN you’ll find her climbing trees, singing loudly, and pushing that thin boundary between “crafting hobby” and “hoarding problem.”

Email: genna@postlandfill.org

Chris Kane

Campus Coordinator and Director of Campus Research and Resource Development | UC Santa Cruz ’15 Chris studied Environmental Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz, with a focus on the implications of extractive industries in regards to Indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. While earning his degree, he worked on implementation, education, and outreach of waste management programs with the campus Sustainability Office, in efforts to reach the UC system-wide mandate of Zero Waste by 2020.

Email: chris@postlandfill.org

Nimrun Dhillon

Campus Coordinator | Rochester Institute of Technology ’16 Nim graduated from RIT with a double major in Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety Management and Multidisciplinary Studies. She co-founded RIT’s move-out program (Goodbye, Goodbuy!), and worked for the sustainability department on campus. Other stuff she loves: soccer, reading, writing, live music, food (cooking it and eating it ), emojis, traveling & exploring, trying new things, learning new things, and meeting new people!

Email: nim@postlandfill.org

Audrey Kriva

Partnerships Coordinator | College of William and Mary ’17 Audrey is a senior at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia studying Biology and Computer Science, while really devoting most of her time to sustainability issues on campus. Apart from a semester studying in Viterbo, Italy, she’s never lived more than 60 miles from her childhood home in Richmond, VA. She loves to travel, find adventure in doses large and small, share lengthy conversations, and solve puzzles of all flavors.

Email: audrey@postlandfill.org

Lisa Demaine

Campus Expansion Fellow | UNH ’16 Finishing a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of New Hampshire, Lisa is excited to move from the sidelines to the action when it comes to PLAN. Lisa has watched PLAN grow since it’s infancy while taking part in organizing around fossil fuel divestment and removing big money from politics. She is known to laugh and dance at regular invertals and loves a ‘good’ pun.

Email: lisa@postlandfill.org

Ella Denham-Conroy

Advisory Campus Research Intern | New College of Florida ’20 Ella is a first-year at New College of Florida, where she is studying Environmental Studies and maybe Spanish or International Studies. She is one of the founders of RAW (Resources Aren’t Waste) club at New, and is currently working with her team on a lot of projects to propel the Zero Waste movement at New College. She also runs an instagram page called @ncftrashtalk where she posts Zero Waste tips and shares the results of weekly trash sorting conducted in each dorm’s trash and recycling bins to raise awareness about correct disposal methods. She plans to study abroad in Costa Rica and maybe Spain.

Jess Kowalski

Creative Social Media Intern | UNH ’16 Jess graduated from UNH with a B.A. in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability with minors in Education and Art. She currently works at Eastern Mountain Sports and a climbing gym on the Seacoast of NH. Jess is passionate about conservation education, reducing waste, and getting people outside! When she isn’t working, you might find her hiking in the Whites, doodling on note cards, typing poems on the typewriter at the Book n’ Bar, or eating an assortment of delicious snacks.

Email: social@postlandfill.org

Lauren Thomas

Creative Social Media Intern | University of Kentucky ’18  Lauren is currently a junior at the University of Kentucky studying Communications and Environmental Studies. There she works with UK’s Office of Sustainability to get people active with sustainability in their community. When she graduates she wants to move into the field of Environmental Communications to inform and engage the public in environmental issues. When she’s not surfing the interwebs (and even sometimes when she is), you can find her attempting to set up her hammock in ill-advised places.

Email: social@postlandfill.org

Brett Chamberlin

Co-Founder | New York University ’13

After helping to launch PLAN, Brett accepted a position at The Story of Stuff Project in Berkeley, CA. There, Brett is working to end the flow of junk mail by managing Catalog Choice, a free online service that helps over 2 million users reduce paper waste. Outside of the office, Brett is an avid bicyclist and board game geek.

Email: brett@storyofstuff.org

To see a list of past PLAN team members, click here.

Board of Directors

Jenn Andrews

Jenn Andrews

Program Director, University of New Hampshire Sustainability Institute Jenn Andrews is a project director at the University of NH’s Sustainability Institute.  Prior to UNH, Jenn served in a variety of roles at Clean Air-Cool Planet, where she worked for 13 years promoting practical climate change solutions for colleges and universities as well as municipalities and businesses, and experienced all facets of nonprofit management.  She holds a B.A in English and an M.A. in mental health, both from the University of New Hampshire. Jenn–who was originally from the Midwest–has served on multiple local boards and committees during her 20-year tenure in New England, and currently sits on the steering committee for the International Transformational Resilience Coalition as well.

Mike Bellamente

Executive Director, Climate Counts. Mike Bellamente is the Head of Citizen Engagement for CDP, a global repository of corporate environmental data.   Prior to joining CDP he served as executive director for Climate Counts, a national nonprofit aimed at bringing consumers and corporations together to address climate change. Following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010, he was named to the White House-led economic solutions team to conduct impact analyses for oil-impacted communities. Bellamente has written extensively on the role of the private sector in addressing climate change.  His work has appeared in Huffington Post, The Guardian, CR Magazine and GreenBiz.com. In 2012, Bellamente was named to Ethisphere’s list of 100 most influential people in business ethics.  He holds an MBA in International Business from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Bellamente graduated magna cum laude with a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.
Mike Mooney

Michael Mooney

Founder, Hammer & Saw Films; Consultant, Carlson Management Consulting

Mike Mooney has spent the last decade working with sustainably driven start-up firms, with focuses in biomass, transportation demand management and plastic recycling. He currently works with a Boston based consulting firm, Carlson Management Consulting. Mike is also the founder of Hammer & Saw films, a New Hampshire based film company which recently released their award-winning documentary 100: Head/Heart/Feet, which chronicles ultra-runner, Zak Wieluns, in his attempt to complete the Vermont 100 Endurance Race after two failed attempts. In his spare time, Mike enjoys trail running with his wife Signe and dog Tucker.

Jane Cutter

Jane Cutter

Director of Client Development, Marcom4

With more than 20 years experience in the marketing and communications industry, Jane thrives on the creativity that drives business success. As owner and managing partner of two unique companies, her big picture approach to growing revenue allows her to guide PLAN in a positive, strategic and upward direction in both sponsorship revenue approaches and the organization’s marketing.  Jane is no stranger to carbon footprint reduction efforts, having spent nearly a quarter century raising money for public transportation in Northern New England through bus advertising sales.  She and her husband invest in and support greener alternatives to large format printing through their Greenland, NH printing company.

Colby Gamester, Esq.

Legal Advisor Attorney, Gamester Law Office Colby Gamester is the sole practitioner of Gamester Law Office in Portsmouth, NH, joining the PLAN Board after years of service on local United Way and City Planning Boards. In addition to those, Colby has spent many years developing leaders in the NH Seacoast through Leadership Seacoast. Gamester is an alum of both the University of New Hampshire (Political Science and Economics) and New England School of Law (JD). Colby brings his breadth of board and legal experience to help the team navigate legal affairs as growth leads to new strategic opportunities.

Audrey Kriva

Student-Board Representative, College of William and Mary Audrey Kriva is sophomore biology major at the College of William & Mary. She started DormMania, William & Mary’s tag-sale program, in her freshman year at the college. An advocate for efficiency in all things, Audrey is passionate about reducing waste. She’s honored to be representing a student voice on this illustrious board, and looks forward to wonderful things from PLAN in the future!

Joe Van Gombos

University of New Hampshire ’12 Joe has served as the Chair of the Board since PLAN’s inception in 2013, stemming from his early involvement in developing the University of New Hampshire Trash 2 Treasure model into a transferable zero waste solution for other communities to adopt and innovate upon. Van Gombos graduated from UNH in 2012 with a BA in Political Science. During his undergraduate years, Van Gombos was an inaugural Carsey Social Innovation Intern, a Senior Research & Marketing Intern with the business school’s Green Launching Pad, and worked with numerous student groups motivated by concepts in sustainability through a collective known as the UNH Climate Action Network. Since graduating, he has held a Business Development role with a local medical device development firm, and today works as an Energy Efficiency Data Analyst for a small utility in New Hampshire. A letter from Joe. 

Adam Clark

Member Services, Northeast Resource Recover Association Adam brings his wide knowledge of the economics of waste-reduction and end-market use of recycleables to the PLAN board.

Rian Bedard

Founder, Mr. Fox Composting Rian’s company helps local business reduce their waste and increase their composting rates. He advises PLAN on business partnerships.


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