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Welcome to the PLAN Store.

PLAN partners with responsible companies who equip the zero waste programs and lifestyles we support. By providing discounts to our member campuses, we make sure these goods and services are accessible to the movement.

Large Bees Wrap

Set of 3 – $19.00

Sandwich Wrap

1 Clover Print Wrap – $11.00

BeesWraps are handmade from cotton, resin, and beeswax and make a great alternative to plastic wrap. Use them for up to two years and compost them when you’re done!

Bullfrog is a leading publisher of independent documentaries about environmental and social justice issues. Each film investigates an aspect of the environmental crisis, including titles like Plastic Paradise (plastic) and Death By Design (electronics).

Showings are $100-$350 depending on audience size.

Discarded fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of plastic in the ocean. All Bureo products are made from recycled fishing nets collected from the coast of Chile.

ChicoBag Original

1 Bag – $6.99

Collapsible Travel Pack

1 Pack – $29.99


Chicobag’s durable and reusable bags make wonderful giveaways. They are easy to co-brand, and logos can be printed on the bag’s side plus on its case. The packed-up bag can be clipped to a purse or backpack until it’s needed!

Siliskin® Reusable Snack Bags

Pack of 2 – $11.95

Siliskin® Universal Straw Tops

3 tops & 1 silicone straw – $8.95

iFixIt also offers thorough, crowd-sourced, and absolutely FREE guides to repairing almost anything, and is a leader in the Right to Repair movement. They also give electronics a “repairability score” to help you choose your next laptop.

Klean Kanteen products are perfect for cobranding and giveaways. Try serving drinks in branded stainless steel pints at your next event or get reusable tumblers in your university bookstore. 

Maxi Pad & Insert

1 Pad and 1 Insert – $16.99

DivaCup Kit with Pantyliners

1 Cup and 2 Liners – $63.97

7 Day Mini Pantyliner Kit

7 Pads – $83.93

Shop customizable FDA-approved menstrual cups for yourself or your campus! Choose our firmness, size, and handle type for the perfect fit for your body. 

Plaine Products offers all natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash in returnable, refillable, reusable aluminum bottles to provide an alternative to single use plastics.

Everyday Tableware Set

Pack for 4 – $21.00

Preserve 2 Go

1 Clamshell – $5.50

Preserve makes food service and personal care products from recovered #5 plastics! Consider using Everyday Tableware in a zero waste event kit or P2Go in your campus dining hall.

Zero-Waste Refill Pouch

Pricing by ounce
(ex: Shampoo is $0.72/oz)
pouches vary by size 4oz – 64oz

Custom-scented zero-waste bath, body, home & cleaning refills delivered right to your door! Ship the baggie back (postage included) for reuse. is a volunteer management tool. Basic accounts are free – use the PLAN discount to get a free premium account or discounted ad-free account for your campus.

Classic 9mm Glass Straw

1 Straw – $8.00

Single Sleeve Set

Classic 8″ Straw, Classic Brush + Single Sleeve – $20.00

Co-Branded Straws

Straws & mason jars can be etched with your school or department logo!

Clear Glass Straw

$6.95 – $10.95

The Healthy Frog Straw

$20.95 – $21.95

Choose Your Color Barely Bent Glass Straws

Set of 4 – $33.80 – $40.60

Hacks for your Home Kit

Contains 4 packets (5oz each) and project booklet – $12

Sugru 8-Pack (Various Colors)

8 pack (5oz each) – $22

Sugru 3-Pack (Various Colors)

3 pack (5oz each) – $12

To-Go Ware RePEaT Utensil Set

Agave Color – $12.95

To-Go Ware Co-Branding

Print your club, school, or department logo on the case!

To-Go Ware utensil sets make a great useful giveaway and are easy to cobrand. The fork, spoon, knife, and chopsticks are made from recycled bamboo, and the case is made from rePEaT recycled fabric.

Topiku hats are composed of upcycled + recycled waste materials and are ethically handcrafted by Indonesian artisans in Cigondewah, West Java. Brims are recycled from plastic buckets that are salvaged from landfills. Upcycled textile offcuts from jacket, pants, and curtain production form the main base of the hat. Leather scraps from shoe and belt production are recut into patches and straps. Partial proceeds are reinvested into Topiku’s partner, Waste4Change, to sponsor the cost of health insurance for trash pickers and to fund waste management education programs in Indonesia.

Divided Square Food Container

Stainless Steel – $19.95

Reusable Large Food Wrap

2-Pack – $7.50

UKonserve Cobranding

Print your logo on beautiful UKonserve containers, utensils, and drinkware.

Compostable Utensils

Pack of 24 – $2.89

Plant Fiber To-Go Containers

Pack of 50 – $16.25


World Centric offers a 1-2% rebate on contract purchases for investment in campus compost infrastructure!