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Round two of sharing applications – let us know what you think!

Tina Snyder was surprised to hear about her daughter’s mission  to consult paper flyers posted on the community board of her college campus to find a rideshare back home for a holiday break. Seems a bit old school, right? Meanwhile, her other college-aged daughter was making a trek off campus for a potentially sketchy used-bike transaction she had facilitated through Craigslist. With the sheer size and infrastructure of most college and university campuses, Snyder thought there had to be an on-campus source for students to access the sharing of goods and services more conveniently.

After finding that the majority of schools offer no such forum, Snyder created CampusWall: an easy and safe web platform and mobile-friendly app to buy, sell, swap, and share goods and services specifically within your campus community.

Recognized by AASHE’s STARS reporting framework as counting towards credits in their Waste Minimization program, the CampusWall trading platform promotes safety, savings, and sustainability.  In registering, students verify their account with the “.edu” web address associated with their institution. To allow students secure and easy access to their on campus community marketplace, some campuses connect to their CampusWall via their student credentials to allow single sign-on (as they do with their learning management systems, like Blackboard or Canvas). It’s up to the individual campus to dictate how the application is advertised and promoted, whether that be through Welcome Week tabling, student listservs, or campus newsletters and social media.

Campuses are charged a yearly subscription fee, with the option to participate in a free trial period of the platform. Individual campus members are not charged to utilize the site, no service-fee is taken from sellers on their transactions, and users have the opportunity to utilize CampusWall’s partnership with Venmo for easy payment exchange among users.

The application has incorporated a “wishlist” functionality that notifies students through text or email of new posts that align with their item preferences designated on their wishlist. Like most other trading platforms, transactions extend beyond physical goods to services like pet-sitting, hair styling, and tutoring. Snyder explains that the reach of the application remains within the community of students and staff of the specific campus, otherwise it would become “another Craigslist”.

CampusWall takes the responsibility of classifieds off a campus’ plate and makes it safe and easy and genuine. Says founder Tina, “companies have reached out to us about ad placements on our site, but we find that to be counter intuitive to our mission to promote reuse and sharing. Our goal is to provide a true community marketplace and support green initiatives and the sharing economy within higher education institutions.”