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Patagonia Worn Wear Tour

Spring 2017

Join us in our travels with the Patagonia Worn Wear Team, and their trusty truck Delia, as we engage college and university campuses in radical acts of repair! Each campus stop on the 2017 Worn Wear College Tour has organized a full-day Zero Waste extravaganza to highlight waste reduction efforts in the form of student projects, infrastructural innovations, and campus culture. Come to an event near you to get your clothing (of any brand name) repaired at the Worn Wear truck, while engaging with the campus community in workshops, film screenings, and speaker presentations focused on repair and reuse.

Who else is  joining us on the tour?

Learn how to fix your smart phone with iFixit’s custom DIY toolkits!

Hang out with Guayaki’s Cebadors and drink some free yerba mate.

Spin the Klean Kanteen trivia wheel and win cool prizes.

Points of

Intervention Tour

Spring 2018

Our economy operates on a broken linear model of consumption: We extract new resources to make products, dispose of those products as quickly as possible, and go back to square one to extract new resources. At every point along this linear path, we have opportunities to intervene, redirect and redesign the system.
Through the Spring 2018 Points of Intervention Tour, PLAN will highlight a variety of spaces in which individuals utilize their unique skills, interests, and expertise to challenge the status quo and restructure this broken system. Starting in February 2018, we will travel to college and university campuses across the country to engage and inspire student leaders with these stories, so that they might activate their own experience and passions to create inclusive, Zero Waste solutions.


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