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Worn Wear Tour 2017

Patagonia Worn Wear Tour

Spring 2017

This spring, we traveled with the Patagonia Worn Wear Team, and their trusty truck Delia, as we engaged college and university campuses in radical acts of repair! Each campus stop on the 2017 Worn Wear College Tour organized a full-day Zero Waste extravaganza to highlight waste reduction efforts in the form of student projects, infrastructural innovations, and campus culture. At the event, we repaired clothing (of any brand name) at the Worn Wear truck, while engaging with the campus community in workshops, film screenings, and speaker presentations focused on repair and reuse.

“Patagonia being on campus shed more light on how a profitable and well-known organization can still be conscious of the environmental injustices taking place. I believe that the students walked away from the event inspired and encouraged to learn more about zero waste initiatives.” — Meagan Bens, Student Organizer at UGA

“[The Repair Techs] were really wonderful at the talk back…Their stories about repairs, their backgrounds, life on the road, geeking out over sewing machines and bonding with the audience over the love of sewing was really special.  They really connected well with FIT students!” — Suzanne McGillicuddy, Asst. Dean of Students at FIT

“Our campus already has many ZW and reuse/recycling initiatives…but they are all disjointed, working in silos.  I think having the Worn Wear presence helped bring these different groups/initiatives together to ‘rally’ round a SHARED event in a new, creative energetic way”.  — Maddie White, Student Organizer at UVM

Who else  joined us on the tour?

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