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PLAN Membership Agreement

 Sign your campus up to become a PLAN member! This memorandum of understanding (MOU) is a basic agreement between PLAN and your campus.

  • PLAN agrees to consider your campus a “Member Campus” and provide all benefits outlined here. Our membership agreement lasts one year, starting on the day you sign, or if you’re renewing, the day your previous year’s membership agreement ends. This will allow you to sign as early as you want and avoid any expiration of membership benefits.
  •  Your campus must pay the membership contribution within 60 days. Reference our membership pricing chart if needed. If your campus cannot pay all or part of this fee, you are still welcome to fill out this Membership Agreement and request funding through our Movement Building Fund. It is our policy to never turn a campus away for lack of funds.
  • Free membership through the Movement Building Fund is given priority to Minority Serving Institutions (MSI). For Predominately White Institutions (PWI) that are requesting free membership, conditions will apply. Reach out to the Campus Network Director ( if you have any questions.
  • The Campus Network Director reserves the right to cancel membership for the following reasons: 1) Failure of the Campus to adhere to the above terms, such as paying the invoice within 60 days of issue. 2) Failure to provide information on why full membership payment cannot be given. 3) Incorrect/fraudulent information filled out on the agreement form. 4) Upon request of the Campus.
  • Campus Advisors can be used to help guide, motivate, and brainstorm with students: Our team of advisors are here to provide as-needed support, as such we do not allow for standing bi-weekly meetings.  Meetings should be used as a way to connect with advisors about specific programatic questions, or questions about resources and tools. 
Membership Agreement
Address 1
suite or PO box

Membership Agreement

Please note that the contribution amount in our Pricing Chart is based off of 1 year memberships. If you select multi-year membership, the contribution amount will change when the Campus Network Director sends you an invoice.
If selecting "No," please continue to complete this form. Since we don't turn any school away for lack of funds, fill out the section "Movement Building Funds Fund" to connect with the Campus Network Director as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please email *If you are receiving membership via a PLAN program like STOP, please select "Yes."
Small School(0-5k Student population), Medium School (5k-15k Student population), Large School (15k+ Student population)
Small School(0-5k Student population), Medium School (5k-15k Student population), Large School (15k+ Student population)
Small School(0-5k Student population), Medium School (5k-15k Student population), Large School (15k+ Student population)
This will include a monthly newsletter of member updates, events, resources, and other opportunities. Separate with commas. You can add to this at anytime by emailing a PLAN staff member.
We build our Movement Building Fund with donations from campuses and individuals. Help us make membership and resources accessible to all by donating to this fund. How much would you like to contribute?
If you choose to contribute, you will receive one invoice with an amount totaling your donation plus your membership fee.

Movement Building Fund

While we never turn schools away for lack of funds, we ask schools requesting funding to agree to two out of the three conditions. The Campus Network Director will send a follow up email with these conditions as a reminder.

Additional Questions

The questions in this section are optional, and will be used to help us personalize your advising.