The Atlas logo, which is a dark blue telescope with the base shaped like an arrowhead that creates the “A” in the word “Atlas,” and a thinner arrow that forms a circle shape around it. Text on the right says “Atlas Zero Waste Certification® A Program of PLAN.”

Atlas Zero Waste Certification®, conducted through our Fellowship model, is an additional recognition given to campuses who have undergone the Atlas Stage 1 assessment and scored above a certain threshold. Applications for the Spring and Fall semesters are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Apply for Atlas Stage 1: Zero Waste Certification

What is Certification?

Atlas Zero Waste Certification® creates a high-level standard for a zero waste campus. This standard will not allow for greenwashing of the Zero Waste Movement or waste reduction efforts, and pushes for continuous progress and innovation. This certification framework creates a standard benchmarking tool for campuses to set meaningful goals using a universal metric to measure and track progress towards zero waste. The ability to compare zero waste initiatives at all types of campuses will allow us to celebrate campuses that demonstrate leadership and successful models for zero waste programming!

The Atlas Zero Waste Achievement Levels are based off your Campus Zero Waste Score. The score breakdown is as follows (59.4% or below does not qualify for certification):

A graphic showing the colors and percentages associated with different levels of Certification. Bronze is 59.5-69.4%, Silver is 69.5-79.4%, Gold is 79.5-89.4%, and Platinum is 89.5-100%.

What is the cost for Stage 1?

A chart outlining the cost of Atlas Stage 1. Small schools (0-5k students) are $3075, medium schools (5-15k students) are $3450, and large schools (15k+ students) are $3825.

These costs reflect the pricing for current PLAN Members. If you are not currently a PLAN member, please see the Membership Pricing Scale first to access this membership add-on. This cost does not include financial or credit based compensation for the Fellow(s) on your campus.

If you are interested in Certification but find the cost to be a prohibitive factor, we want to hear from you! Please submit a request to our
Movement Building Fund, also linked in the Certification Application Form.

Interested in becoming Atlas Zero Waste Certified?

Atlas is a qualitative, holistic assessment of the entire campus materials management system. After a Fellow from your campus is identified, they will learn how to use the Atlas Campus Programs Checklist to perform the interviews needed to gather data for the campus assessment. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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The Atlas Zero Waste project is a deeper engagement opportunity for our member campuses.If your school is a member, you will automatically have access through the Community Hub. If not, get in contact about Membership and involvement with PLAN on your campus.