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Brand Audits are the new Waste Audit.

A Brand Audit is a sorting waste audit that identifies the brand names present on each piece of plastic waste. Break Free From Plastic began the Brand Audit Campaign in 2017 as a way to draw attention to the corporations that are producing the most waste. For years, these companies tried to convince us that waste was an individual problem, but we know that is not true. Brand Audits have been wildly successful in pushing for change—join in the effort by conducting one on your campus!

Looking for a place to start? Check out our newly updated Waste Audit Manual!

This best-practice guide covers the basics for how to identify and assess data from waste streams on your campus. Learn how you can go beyond simply sorting trash and use audits as a powerful tool to advocate for lasting behavior change on campus. This resource is FREE to download!

Results are in from our first-ever Campus Brand Audit Report!

In 2021, we asked our network to join in on brand audits and shift the responsibility to corporations for campus waste. The brands that have been the top global polluters for 4 years running (Coca-Cola and Pepsi) are the same companies colleges welcome to their campus for multi-million dollar contracts. 

Brand audits are our response to Earth Week’s increasing emphasis on individual action — they are ways to push companies to take accountability for their pollution! This report is just one part of campaign efforts across the world to push for plastic-free campuses. 

“Collecting plastic waste and auditing it for brands was a transformative educational experience for students. It shifted the way they understand waste in relation to responsibility, power, climate justice, and more. Connecting the activity to this innovative global movement made the experience even more meaningful.”

– Adam Liebman, DePauw University