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Beyond Waste Leadership Certification

Gain and strengthen your skills as a changemaker on your campus.

Upon completion of this certification program, you will have developed your leadership toolkit to include key skills, such  as: project planning and execution, creating a budget, facilitating group meetings, and effectively navigating campus hierarchy.

Every quarter, we also have a new certification sponsor offering  select zero-waste gifts to the next round of students who complete the certificate program. Check it out!

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Ready to become Leadership Certified?

PLAN’s Beyond Waste Leadership Certification courses cover everything you need to know to create lasting change on your campus. If you’re interested in becoming certified, fill out our interest form here!

How does it work?

Courses are available for free to students of member campuses. Want to learn more about Membership? Head here. Each Course is about two hours long and broken up into 3 to 5 lessons, so that you can take your time getting through the material. Each lesson contains a short video and a “quiz” after (we like to think of these more as a reflection check).

To earn Leadership Certification, you must complete all 5 courses. After completing the courses and the accompanying quizzes, you will be awarded a Beyond Waste Leadership certificate and a zero-waste gift from our sponsorship partner for that quarter.

Ready to get started?

Courses are only available to member campuses. Not sure if your school is a member campus or want to learn more? Head here. Otherwise, sign in below with your school email and check out our courses to get started!

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