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Course 5: A Zero Waste Event Is Possible

About this course: Any event can be made zero waste! This 4-lesson course will cover the basics of what you need to know about holding a zero waste event on your campus and encouraging more public conversations around waste. This course supports the idea that campuses are places with high potentials for change, which can then reverberate into the larger community.

Process for completing material: Below, you can select the next lesson you are working on for this course.  As you view each video, we encourage you to follow along with the Course Workbook (linked below). Once you click on the link, be sure to select Make A Copy so you will have your very own Course Workbook for each course. This is what you will submit at the end of the course.

Your Course Workbook will contain a copy all of your activities and reflection checks. Write your responses directly on the slides, in short paragraph format (1-2 sentences). Once you have gone through each lesson within the course, you will be able to upload and submit your Course Workbook for review. Your responses will be reviewed within 5 weekdays and you will receive an email when your Workbook has been approved.


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