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This is the form and guidelines that the Council for Green Affairs (CGA) uses here at New College of Florida for allocating money from our green fee to various student-proposed projects.
The green fee is a $20 fee charged to each student at the beginning of every school year. With each student paying this small amount, we can accumulate a source of funds for campus projects!
A project must improve the campus' relationship with the environment. Students who think of a project are encouraged to submit the form before the next allocation session and come to present their proposal. Projects are approved for funding as long as all voting members agree on the terms of the proposal.
Sometimes a project just needs a few tweaks, like granting less money than originally requested or requiring that the student proposing the project prove they can put part of the funds to good use before granting more.
This system has been very successful in bringing about awesome projects on our campus, especially this year!

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