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The 2021-22 academic year represented a return to campus life for many students. It was the first academic year since 2018-19 that was not defined by major campus shut downs across the country. We saw momentum returning to campus organizing and student groups re-forming with a renewed passion for addressing climate and waste. We also saw an increased need for support. 

Students are facing a more and more complicated world each day. Balancing school, family, jobs, friends and the increasing occurrences of fires, floods, droughts and other impacts of climate change. PLAN provides direct support for student changemakers and is committed to continuing to do so for the long haul. 

In the 2022-23 academic year we are excited to be growing our team, exploring new partnerships, expanding the reach of our projects, and investing in the movement for a more just and sustainable future. 

The PLAN team this Summer gathered at our first in-person retreat in over two years!

Download our full Impact Report for the year here. Highlights include our new Strategic Plan, program updates like the release of our first Top 10 Zero Waste Campuses List and first-ever digital Students for Zero Waste Conference, a financial report-back, sharing of student testimonials, and more.