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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see any of your questions listed here? Email us at for other inquiries, hopes and dreams.

Speaking Events and Tours

  • What is the difference between a speaking event and a tour?

OurĀ tours are usually a partnership with another organization, company, or cohort of Zero Wasters that we embark on, with a designated number of campus stops. A speaking event, however, can be booked at any time of the year by submitting a Speaking Event Request form, located at the bottom of our Workshops & Certification Trainings page. Choose fromĀ our list of inspirational talks, skills trainings, program-specific workshops, or mix and match for a full day engagement!

  • How do I get my campus to be a stop on a tour?

If we are going to be in your area during one of our national tours, submit a Speaking Event Request or email us directly at

  • How do I get a PLAN staff member to come to my campus?

Oftentimes we have some wiggle room on our tours to schedule in visits to other campuses surrounding each tour stop. If you see that we are going to be in your area, submit a Speaking Event Request form (located at the bottom of our Workshops & Certification Trainings page) or email us directly at We will follow up with you to discuss what you would like your PLAN engagementĀ to entail.

  • How much does a speaking event cost?

Speaking event fees run on a sliding scale, usually from $500 up to $3000. Where your event falls on this sliding scale will be dependentĀ on the degree of engagement that you decide on as we work together to plan your event.

  • What does a PLAN speaking event or in-person engagementĀ look like?

Check our our Workshops & Certification Trainings page for a list of our inspirational talks, skills trainings, and program-specific workshops that we can incorporate into an in-person engagement.

Existing Members

  • What is PLAN membership?

PLAN Membership entails extensive online resources and interpersonal advising for campus program support. See all of the benefits of membership on our Become a Member School page.

  • Is my campus a member?

If your school or program logo is listed on our Member Schools page, then you are a PLAN Member Campus! Think that you’re a member but don’t see your logo? Email us at and we will update the webpage.

  • How do I sign up for an online Workshop or Certificate Training?

Go to our Workshops & Certification Trainings page, scroll down to the list of sessions, and click the “plus” (+) icon on the session you want to attend to reveal the sign-up button. Once you click “sign up”, you will be navigated to our checkout system. If you are a student or staff member on a PLAN Member Campus, enter your PLAN account informationĀ to register for the session for FREE!

  • I’m a part of a Member Campus, but I don’t have an account yet. How do I create on to get access to all of the member resources for free?
  1. In the top right hand corner of our site you should see a button that says “login” – click that
  2. Click the big green button that says “Register”
  3. Make an account with your “” email address
  4. You will be emailed a link to reset your password (Make sure to check your spam for this link. If you have trouble getting it, email
  5. That will re-route you to a page with a password box. Note: all of the security measures are suggestions. You can make your password as “weak” as you’d like!
  6. This will auto log you on! You now have access to the Member Hub! Use the buttons on top to navigate to any resource you would like!
  • Where do I find the manuals, template documents, and other online member resources?

All of your PLAN member campus resources can be found on the Member Hub. Login using your PLAN account to get access to the Member Hub, and download away!

  • How do I use the discounts?

The Retail and GPO Discount documents on the Member Hub have all of the instructions to access your PLAN Member Discounts, including promotional codes and email contacts.

  • How do I get in touch with my Campus Coordinator?

Our full staffs’ contact info, including Campus Coordinators, is located on the Our Team page.

  • How can my campus become a PLAN Member School?

To start a conversation with one of our Campus Coordinators about getting your campus setup with a PLAN Membership, submit a Membership Inquiry, located at the bottom of our Become a Member School page.

Free Resources

  • What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center is an online, open-source platform for information sharing on everything Zero Waste! Start conversations, post questions, upload documents, and post job and internship opportunities. The best part about the Resource Center is that it’s FREEĀ to use for everyone!

  • How do I create a post or leave a comment on the Resource Center?

To create a post, leave a comment, or upload a document on the Resource Center, you must create an account. Simply click “Start a Conversation” on the landing page of the Resource Center and you will be prompted to enter an email and password to create an account OR you can use information from your existing Facebook account.Ā 

  • What other resources can I access for free if I’m not a PLAN member?

We’ve got a plethora of free online resources to support your Zero Waste efforts, even if you’re campus is not a PLAN Member School, including:

  1. Our Blog
  2. Plastic-Free Campus Manual
  3. The Resource Center
  4. Regular updates and Zero Waste news on our Facebook, Twitter, & InstagramĀ accounts