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At PLAN, our role as movement-builders includes facilitating connections between the many types of organizations battling the waste crisis. We partner with companies, non-profits, and funders who are providing zero-waste alternatives and spreading the message of the Movement. We’re proud to work with our supporters and partners in a variety of ways, from sponsorships to specific projects.

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We partner with companies that are part of the solution!

Many of our partners like Klean Kanteen and U-Konserve have supported our Zero Waste Roadtrips by providing reusable bottles and food storage containers. These products allow PLAN staff, students and supporters to refuse disposable options.

Patagonia’s outdoor clothing and gear is designed to last. Their innovative approach to repair, reuse, and refusal of products make them a true leader in Zero Waste. In the Spring of 2017, PLAN partnered with Patagonia to convene the Worn Wear Campus Tour, celebrating repair and reuse on 21 campuses across the nation.

World Centric provides compostable food service products made from plant-based materials, an alternative to disposable plastic. They actively support the creation of campus composting infrastructure, and have been an annual founding sponsor of the Students for Zero Waste Conference since its establishment in 2014.

Our supporters and partners make the Student's for Zero Waste Conference possible

Tom’s of Maine personal care products are produced with all-natural ingredients and as little waste as possible. Their manufacturing process promotes re-use and much of their packaging is recyclable. Tom’s has supported PLAN through donation of “seconds” and their annual giving program.

LUSH’s innovative approach to cosmetics packaging (or non-packaging) makes them a zero-waste leader in the industry. We were honored to receive a Charity Pot grant from LUSH in 2016, and to feature their packaging-free products at each Students for Zero Waste Conference!

Guayaki’s delicious Yerba Mate tea is created with sustainability in mind, from start to finish. They are committed to protecting and restoring the South American rainforests and empowering the native forest people. Guayaki gave yummy yerba mate for the 2016 SZW Conference and has committed to sponsorship in 2017.

Whole Foods is committed to sustainable agriculture and reducing waste through products with reduced or reusable packaging, bulk options, and a bag rebate program. Whole Foods supported the 2016 SZW Conference through sponsorship and bulk food donation.

Preserve creates unusual products from recycled and recyclable #6 plastics, including toothbrushes and food storage containers. Preserve has supported the SZW Conference each year, and recently partnered with us to develop a case study on reusable to-go box infrastructure in campus dining halls.

“Over the past 3 years that World Centric has supported the Post Landfill Action Network, we have been blown away by their strategic approach to solving the problem of waste created by our society’s ‘throwaway’ mentality. These talented young leaders are shifting the conversation from one of managing waste to one of managing resources, and inspiring thousands of others to expand this movement to their own campuses. It is organizations like PLAN that give us hope for a better world!”

Aseem Das, Founder and Executive Director of World Centric

“For years, I’ve heard students complain about the tremendous amount of waste and end-of-year move-out time; but I haven’t seen anyone tackle the problem at a significant scale – till now. The Post-Landfill Action Network is filling this huge need: reducing waste sent to dumps and incinerators, re-using stuff in the fall so students don’t have to create even more waste by buying all new stuff, and building awareness and community in the process. Now that’s a real solution!”

Annie Leonard, Author and Host of “The Story of Stuff”

“The Post-Landfill Action Network is an innovative organization that promises to be a major force in the mission to create a world without waste. The young entrepreneurs behind PLAN have developed a break-through market-driven business model that is already having a substantive impact on campus communities by engaging a broad network of students and sustainable businesses while generating enormous educational  and environmental benefits. These folks are the real deal with a real solution.”

Gary Hirshberg, Founder & Chairman, Stonyfield Organics


Our member campuses are eligible for discounts from highlighted companies. This discount system helps connect students and campus initiatives with the responsible companies listed below.



We have received generous support from the Josephine A. Lamprey Fund, the Thomas W. Haas Fund, and the Portsmouth Brewery Beer and Skittles Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.

Tom’s of Maine has provided PLAN with generous funding support through their Giving for Goodness Program. Tom’s of Maine produces natural toothpaste, deodorant, soaps, and more, and contributes 10% of their proceeds to charities.

PLAN received grant funding from Clif Bar Family Foundation, which over the years has funded hundreds of grassroots organizations on the front lines of sustainability.


Founder Alex Freid received the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award from National Grid in 2013 to recognize and support his work launching PLAN.

Alex Freid was a 2013 recipient of the Brower Youth Award, North America’s most prestigious young environmental leadership award.

PLAN took first place in the student track of the first NH Social Business Innovation Challenge, awarded by Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus.