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Action Camp is a highly interactive virtual course that connects passionate students across the US, orients them to the current plastic crisis, and provides next steps on how to make meaningful change on campus. Our Campaign Director, Young, provides the background on systemic waste issues, the ties plastic has to climate change and environmental justice, and case studies of plastic-free campaigns. Think: Summer Camp for student activism!

There are currently over 70 active Break Free From Plastic (BFFP) campus campaigns, and 10 campuses, including the entire University of California system, have committed to eliminating unnecessary single-use plastics. Your campus could be next! Reach out to  with any questions about PLAN’s BFFP Campaign.

“Action Camp equipped me with the skill base to feel confident tackling the systemic issues of petrochemical and plastics buildout on my campus. I strongly recommend this camp to any student who wants to hone their organizing skills through the lens of environmental justice.”

– Rachael Hood, West Virginia University, Summer 2020

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Meet your instructor

Young is a campaign organizer at the Post-Landfill Action Network. They graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in April of 2019 after leading the Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign there, and have since worked with over 100 colleges nation-wide on their plastics campaigns.