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Effective Campus Tabling Strategies


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Our Campus Coordinators offer expertise in leadership development and program-specific best-practices to equip you with the tools you need to reach Zero Waste on your campus. If you are attending this session with a group, please note how many people will be in attendance using the “Quantity” box.

Your student group or campaign might be “tabling” on campus for a host of reasons — recruiting new members, gaining petition signatures, spreading awareness about an issue, and more! This session aims to help you do so in the most effective way possible, maximizing your group’s impact on campus. It will be helpful to arrive with a specific upcoming tabling event in mind, but if you don’t have anything on the docket we’ll provide some examples to help get you started!

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*We designate price by age to make these sessions as accessible as possible, especially for young people who may not currently be a student but are still interested in the subject matter. If you are a non-member campus student, or anyone aged 26 or younger, please enter the code “millennial” at checkout to receive a $40 discount off the regular price. If the training is still not financially feasible, reach out to to coordinate accommodations.

We want our digital trainings to be as accessible as possible to all students. If you require accommodation (e.g. deaf or hard of hearing, vision impaired) please email when you sign up, so we can plan how to make the training suitable and enjoyable for you!

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March 16th, 2020 1pm EST


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