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Layel Camargo, Creative Director
Elena Aurora, Managing Director

Woke N Wasteless
Layel- They/Them
Elena- She/Her/Hers or They/Them

Region: West Coast

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Woke n Wasteless is a collaboration between partners, Layel Camargo and Elena Aurora. We elevate and connect the disposability of people of color with the disposability of fabricated ‘stuff’. Our work lays at the intersections of environmentalism, climate justice, and social justice. We are brown, queer, plant based, and environmentally conscious people living in Ohlone territory in Oakland, CA striving for a healthy ecological relationship to each other and Earth. Our life’s work is in improving the human experience: Layel via Transformative Justice and Ecological Justice, and Elena via Reproductive Justice and Climate Justice. We work to create a world where liberation of people and responsible management of our home, planet earth, can be the paradigm again.