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– What is a ticket sponsor? –

Ticket sponsors make it possible for students to attend a summit. They are offices, departments or individuals on campus sponsoring a block of tickets for their students. They are also local businesses in the region, national businesses or organizations that want to support the training of the next generation of zero waste leaders!

No one can do everything but everyone must do something, and together we can fix this broken system. 

– Content & Learning Objectives –

Each Beyond Waste Student Summit will be comprised of 100 students from local campuses coming from all levels of experience with on and off campus organizing. While each regional summit will be slightly different they will all have the following content. 

Presentations and Simulations will cover: 

    • The principals of circular economy

    • The community health impacts of plastics

    • Sustainable business and social entrepreneurship

    • Capitalism and the waste crisis

    • Plastic and the fossil fuel industry

    • Environmental racism and the impacts of landfill and incinerators

    • Accessibility in the zero waste movement

    • The linear consumption economy and climate change

Hands-On Organizing Simulations

Attendees will be given the choice of 10-12 hypothetical organizing scenarios. They will be encouraged to choose the one that closely resembles a project they are involved in or want to start. With the guidance of an experienced organizer, they will be given a packet of information about their project and the surrounding circumstances and tasked with making strategic decisions. Through several rounds, they will present their plans to a panel of decision-makers who will push the hypothetical scenario along with new challenges and opportunities. With each round, the teams will be challenged to create roles, write proposals, develop budgets, choose strategic targets, and more.

Projects include:

  • Campus wide composting
  • Break Free From Plastic campus pledge
  • Fight a local incinerator or landfill
  • On campus free/thrift store
  • Move out project
  • Campus wide reusable to-go container programs
  • Zero waste club
  • Right to Repair in your state
  • Partnership with local sustainable business


Tools attendees will leave with

Project Planning

  • Creating campaign goals
  • Navigating unexpected obstacles as a team
  • Stakeholder and target mapping to navigate on and off campus networks
  • Identifying opportunities and making strategic decisions as a group
  • Resiliency in the face of failure

Group Facilitation

  • Working together in a small group
  • Establishing group norms
  • Delegation for quick decisions and collective accountability 


  • Creating a volunteer/new member recruitment plan
  • Developing an elevator pitch
  • Creating a social media plan and/or press release
  • Pitching creative solutions to complex problems within an existing system

The Details

We work hard to support students who want to attend these summits in every possible way. From providing food. to travel scholarships, to free housing we strive to ensure financial barriers do not pose an issue to anyone who wants to attend. See the details of the event logistics below.

Ticket Prices

Tickets are sold on a sliding scale at the following prices: 

True Cost | $350
Subsidized | $200
Subsidized | $100
Bulk Pricing | 5 tickets for $400

We will never turn anyone away for lack of funding. If you want to support a student in attending a summit please fill out the interest form. We will reach out to find the right ticket sponsor level for you

 Food, Housing and Travel

Food: all summits provide at least one full meal and plenty of snacks and drinks. 

Housing: we are working to provide free housing to all attendees who need it for all events! Fill out the housing request form at least 3 weeks before the event you are attending to secure your spot.

Travel:  scholarships are available for all events. Fill out the travel scholarship form to request. 

The Process of Confirming Ticket Sponsorship

Step 1: Fill out the Interest Form
Step 2: Have a conversation with PLAN Staff about how many students tickets you would like to sponsor and at which level.
Step 3: All purchased tickets will be assigned to student attendees 2-3 weeks before the event. Campus Departments and Offices are welcome to manage this process on their campuses. We will assign any tickets sponsored by off campus partners based on need. 
Step 5: Stay tuned on social media to see your sponsorship in action!