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Suggest and Request Meet-Ups

This year, the Students for Zero Waste Conference will over several affinity group "meet-ups" to connect attendees who share identities, interests, and backgrounds. (E.g. "People of Color Caucus," "Colorado Regional Meet-Up")

To help us determine which meet-ups to offer, please suggest and request any meet-ups you would be interested in attending! (Filling out this form is voluntary and does not require you to attend a meet-ups.)

Meet-Up Requests

Please select any meet-up from the checklist that you would be interested in attending if offered. If you would like to attend a meet-up not listed, please add it as a suggestion below.
If proposing more than one meet-up, separate each with a comma.

Meet-Up Facilitation

Contact Information

This will help us get in touch with you about co-facilitating a meet-up, if necessary.