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Room: Benjamin Franklin Meeting Room HH218

This session will explore the fast fashion industry and how it’s linked to the waste crisis. It will dive into the Fashion Revolution movement, including origins, what the movement is about, and tangible solutions (inspired by FR’s Fan Zine). The three presenters will share their experiences & specialties in fashion: Maya will talk about mending, Debra about transformation, and Natalia about repurposing. This creative session will include a discussion with the presenters.



Maya Critchfield (she/her/hers) is an artist and educator from Maine, and a 2016 graduate of College of the Atlantic. She is teaches workshops on mending and reuse and can be found online on Instagram @mayaskylark.





Debra Rapoport is an Artist, Hat Maker, Style Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, and Advanced Style Star. Her work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. She believes that “Style is Healing” and “Dress to DE-Stress!” Also “Where there is creativity there are no rules, where there are no rules there is no fear.”



Natalia Martinez-Sagan has been working as a sustainable costume designer, creative director, stylist, production designer, and educator for more than a decade. She is dedicated to raising awareness about climate issues and environmental sustainability, with a focus on the intersection of creativity, art, and activism, and the development of innovative and more effective ways to inform and educate the general public, particularly the Latinx community. Learn more at  




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