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Donate Your Items

When you move out this spring, donate your unwanted but reusable items! Look for collection locations in the lobby of each dorm during and after exam weeks.

List of accepted items:

  • mini-fridges
  • microwaves
  • small chairs and tables
  • electronics
  • mirrors
  • lamps/lights
  • school supplies
  • hampers
  • small appliances
  • resettable power strips
  • storage bins/baskets
  • decorations
  • dishes
  • rugs
  • shelving units
  • upright storage containers

Current News!

Good day to our fellow DormManiacs! Wondering what we’ll be selling this year? Look no further! Below is the official Inventory List for our Fall Sale! We have items from kitchenware, electronics, furniture, school supplies, dorm room necessities and everything in between! Make sure to stop by because there are many more items not listed that we will have for sale! What Deals Will You Get? #DormMania #PassItOn #ZeroWasteCampus


DormMania is a student-run, non-profit program to reduce waste at the College of William & Mary. In the Spring, students often throw out perfectly usable dorm items, generating needless waste. We collect these items, clean them, and store them over the summer. Come fall, we organize an annual yard sale to find homes for the discarded items and help new and returning students furnish their dorms on the cheap. All proceeds sustain the program the following year. Pass it on!

Move-In Sale

Every spring move-out, DormMania collects a wide assortment of perfectly usable, discarded items. When Fall rolls around, we’re ready to resell those items at highly reduced prices at our move-in sale! This year we have highly popular items such as mini-fridges, notebooks and binders, kitchenware, MANY rugs, hangers, shower caddies, desk and bed lamps, bed risers, and much more! Download out 2016 Inventory here to see what we have for sale. All proceeds go towards sustaining and building the DormMania program the following year. What deals will you score?

When: Fall Orientation
Where: Yates Field (Across from Kaplan Arena and COmmons Dining Hall)
What: Reduced-price dorm items for sale
Who: All new and returning W&M students

The Team

The DormMania team is composed of four “nuggets” who get seriously psyched about efficiency, corny jokes, and reducing waste. Now Jaya, Dakota, Joanna and Zhuowei have passed on their jobs and excitement to a new generation of nuggets. Caroline manages all the materials and physical stuff we need, Ryan coordinates all the volunteers, Julia serves as the administrative and public point person, and Jena handles media and advertising. Several new nuggets are joining the team for the 2016-2017 school year– stay tuned to hear about their brilliance.


Local Sponsors

American Classic Self-Storage, Williamsburg Event Rentals, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, The Committee on Sustainability, Parking and Transportation Services, and Office of Community Engagement

Additional Information

Year-round, most hazardous materials can be recycled through the Department of Environment, Health and Safety. Additionally, there are locations across campus, such as Swem Library, where you can drop off items such as batteries, cell phones, toner cartridges, and plastic bags to be recycled. During DormMania’s collection, all clothing is donated to FISH, mattress pads are recycled through the facilities of Residence Life, and items that do not apply for dorm room living are donated to Goodwill.