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Post-Landfill Action Network

A national movement of student leaders working towards a world without waste.

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Save the Date!

PLAN is hosting an art benefit this coming October! The Art of Reuse will be a cocktail auction event featuring both local and national artists who incorporate recycled materials, reused objects or messages about waste and consumption in their work.

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Kick waste off campus

Ready to take the first steps towards a zero waste campus? Here are 4 simple ways to start kicking waste off campus.

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A world without waste is possible.

Today, we can reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, and compost just about everything. We can make landfills and incinerators obsolete.

Ending waste starts with students.

University students across the country are working to end the cycle of waste, leading the way to a sustainable future.

We can do it, together.

PLAN is a nonprofit network of students working together to build a world without waste.

Ready to kick waste off campus?

PLAN helps students launch self-sustaining programs that fight the cycle of campus waste. Become a PLAN member on campus.

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We are students helping students.

PLAN started as a student initiative at the University of New Hampshire and has grown into a national network of leaders.

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