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Fostering a New Movement for Zero Waste

At PLAN we believe in recognizing, valuing, and amplifying the voices and the work of people who are systematically marginalized by oppressive, unjust systems. Check out our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mandate to see our strategies and goals.

Challenging the Consumption Economy

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Our Campus Coordinators offer expertise in leadership development and program-specific guidance through a series of online workshops and certification trainings each month. Get equipped with the tools you need to reach Zero Waste on your campus, from wherever you are!

Help Close the Loop

Want to help the Post-Landfill Action Network move campuses toward zero waste while closing the loop on your drinking habits? Our friends at Strawesome are creating solutions to waste for all the sustainable straw-slurpers out there – and they made a straw for our cause! Support both PLAN and Strawesome by purchasing this beautiful “Close the Loop” glass drinking straw.

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