A hand holds up a lime green megaphone.

Plastic Campaigns

Our Plastic Campaigns build connections between campus waste, the petrochemical industry, and affected marginalized communities.
Plastic waste in the foreground with students in the background sorting through it for a Brand Audit in 2021.

Break Free From Plastic Campus Pledge

The most comprehensive, accessibility-centered single-use plastic elimination policy that campuses can commit to
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A group of students posing with a statue that is covered in plastic waste with protest signs demanding single use plastic elimination for PLAN’s Day of Action in 2022.

Students Taking on Oil and Petrochemicals

A paid Fellowship for student organizers in the Ohio River Valley, a region threatened by petrochemical buildout
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Denison University students in front of a fountain drink dispenser that has local soda options.

Pouring Rights
(In Development)

Support for students pushing their campus for more transparency and investment in ethical beverage contracts


Campuses committed to eliminating single-use plastic


Paid student Fellows organizing against petrochemicals


Break Free From Plastic Campaigns on campuses