Meet the PLAN Team

In May 2023, PLAN was incorporated as a Worker Self Directed Non-Profit (WSDNP). Over the years, PLAN has become increasingly intentional about its organizational structure and how we can model values such as transparency and collaborative decision-making. In practice, this looks like a staff-led core administrative body and committee structure. We invite you to learn more about this transition.
Headshot of Alex.
Director of Atlas Zero Waste

Alex Freid (he/him)

University of New Hampshire '13

Alex is determined that zero waste is possible, and loves working with students and staff on college campuses to envision what it will take to get them there. He has been involved in zero waste programs since 2010, when he and his friends started the UNH Trash 2 Treasure program. At PLAN, Alex enjoys training and inspiring students to use systems thinking and anti-oppressive facilitation strategies to move their campuses beyond the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving zero waste. At home Alex enjoys woodworking and hiking, and is also an organizer, activist and street medic in his local community.

Headshot of Chelsea.
Membership Director & Admin Chair

Chelsea Walcott (she/her)

Temple University '18 '21

Chelsea is a graduate from Temple University with a bachelors in Environmental Studies, a Masters in Public Policy, and certificates in Sustainability and Inclusive Leadership. Her passion in work lies in how public policy affects daily life. At PLAN Chelsea focuses on creating seamless systems for membership, research for projects, and management support.  When Chelsea is not in work mode she spends her time as a bookworm and aspiring author who loves to read and write.

Headshot of Evelyn.
Social Media Coordinator

Evelyn Nelson (she/her)

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire ’23

Evelyn studied Journalism and Environment, Society, and Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She enjoys utilizing her skills of writing and social media communication to advocate for social justice movements within the climate crisis. In her community, she serves as the Communications and Social Media Coordinator for her student office of sustainability on-campus. She also writes and designs for local newspaper publications, where she focused on student leadership efforts for restorative justice and divestment from fossil fuels.

Headshot of Grace.
Atlas Fellowship Manager

Grace Bowden (she/her)

West Chester University '21

Grace graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Environmental Health. She interned as a Sustainability Peer Educator and an Atlas Zero Waste Fellow during her senior year. Grace planned student events themed around the pillars of sustainability, with topics such as food insecurity, composting, gardening, and of course, reducing our waste & recycling. She enjoys yoga, painting, reading, and staying active in her community through her house/baby/dog/cat/rat/hamster-sitting business.

Headshot of Isabel.
Communications Director

Isabel Jenkins (she/her)

University of Kentucky '20

Isabel combines her passions for design, media, and movement-building to creatively educate. Her studies and work center around media production, urban forestry, and community food systems. During her undergrad in Kentucky, where she studied Natural Resources & Environmental Science, she wrote and designed for campus environmental publications and worked as a freelance designer / photographer / videographer. When she’s not behind a computer or camera, you can find Isabel experimenting in the garden, kitchen, and with various musical instruments.

Headshot of Jensen.
Director of Education & Resources

Jensen Quinn (they/them)

College of Charleston '19

Jensen is a graduate from the College of Charleston, where they focused on Gender Studies and Environmental Sociology. Their campus experience includes working with the Office of Sustainability, developing Environmental Justice curriculum for an Alternative Break trip, and campaigning for increased gender neutral restrooms on campus. These experiences combine with Jensen’s passions for community care, access to resources and education, and food distribution. In their spare time, Jensen can be found writing spoken word or holding a dance party for one.

Headshot of Lisa.
Atlas Fellowship Coordinator

Lisa Smart (she/her)

Vassar College ‘22

Lisa graduated from Vassar College with a major in Anthropology and minors in Sustainability and French & Francophone Studies. At Vassar, Lisa worked as an intern for the Office of Sustainability, served as president of a student-led zero-waste organization, and volunteered with local environmental justice groups. Since then, Lisa has worked in France on local environmental legislation and, most recently, as a teaching assistant. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and improving her design skills.

Headshot of Nithya.
Atlas Fellowship Coordinator

Nithya Narayanaswamy

Emory University '23

Nithya is a passionate plastics and environmental advocate from Atlanta. Her exposure to waste reduction programs began through co-founding the Plastic Free Emory Project at Emory University, where she did her undergraduate studies in Biology and Philosophy. She is now a first year MPH student in Environmental Health at Emory, and is excited to explore different iterations of zero waste, bridge the gap between institutional and individual accountability, and analyze how our social identities influence environmental vulnerabilities and health access! Nithya is also passionate about environmental justice, climate communications, and bioethics. During her free time, Nithya loves to sing, paint, and go on long walks exploring new parts of her community!

Headshot of Rachael.
Advising Director

Rachael Hood (she/they)

Oberlin College ’20 West Virginia University ’22

Rachael is a scholar-activist and organizer from Richmond, VA. They hold a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College and a Masters in Geography from West Virginia University. During her time as a student, Rachael focused on student organizing against fossil fuel and petrochemical expansion as well as implementing zero waste systems through Oberlin’s Resource Conservation Team. Rachael’s passion lies in visioning climate justice campaigns with a strong commitment to transformative movements. When not at work, Rachael can be found gardening, playing guitar, and running around with various sports leagues in Richmond.

Headshot of Ramiro.
Director of Events

Ramiro Murguia (he/him)

University of South Carolina ’19

Ramiro is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where he studied Environmental Studies and Marketing. At the university, Ramiro worked with the Office of Sustainability and led their on-campus Permaculture Farm. He took the teachings of permaculture and began applying them to other aspects of his life and how he interacted with the community and his organizing. As the Director of Events, he seeks to create spaces where we can all grow and learn from each other, and helps guide the new generation of changemakers on college campuses and beyond.

Headshot of Roo.
STOP Fellowship Coordinator

Roo Stewart (she/her)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville '23

Roo is a climate justice activist, nuclear justice advocate, and compost “connoisseur." As a recent graduate from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Roo received an interdisciplinary BA in Environmental Justice and Radioactive Waste Management. Waste—both organic and radioactive—are centerpieces of her interests, as well as the impact of extractive industries (petrochemicals & uranium mining) on human and environmental health. She started at PLAN as a STOP fellow which supported her in leading a Plastic Free campaign at her university. She is thrilled to continue with the fellowship as coordinator. In her free time she enjoys hiking and operating heavy equipment at the UT Compost Facility.

Headshot of Savannah.
BFFP Pledge Manager

Savannah Robledo

University of San Diego '21

Savannah is an avid advocate for planet earth. Originally from Southern California, she attended the University of San Diego, majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Nonprofit Social Enterprise and Political Science. She interned for her school’s Office of Sustainability during her undergrad, accepting a full time position for the office post-graduation. In this role, she was incredibly fortunate to explore her passions of environmental justice, student organizing, and sustainable food systems. Outside of work, Savannah enjoys frequenting farmers’ markets, playing with her cats (Lalo and Fitz), and trying out local restaurants.

Headshot of Will.
Development Director

Will Corcoran (he/him)

University of Vermont ‘19 University of Michigan ‘22

Originally from Connecticut, Will majored in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont. He initially became passionate about student activism as a member of student government, there he helped enact institutional change and advocate for his fellow students. Will then moved to Ann Arbor, MI where he earned his M.S. at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment and Sustainability, concentrating on behavior, education, and communication. In between his schooling, Will has worked as a grant writer, scientific researcher, and disability justice advocate. Will currently lives in Chicago, IL, with his dog Stanley.

Headshot of Young.
Plastic Campaign Director

Young Grguras (they/them)

University of Pittsburgh '19

Young is a graduate from University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Environmental Studies and BS in Ecology & Evolution, while organizing on campus in various efforts and working for the Student Office of Sustainability. At PLAN Young mentors students in their own organizing efforts on campus with a special focus in plastic because of their proximity to petrochemical build out happening in the Ohio River Valley. In addition to their work at PLAN, they enjoy organizing in their local community, tending to their garden, and putzing around, usually with second hand materials.

Board of Directors

PLAN is committed to have a Board that is representative of various lived experiences and able to respond to the needs of students and the movement we support. This is why one of our ongoing goals is to have 50% of the members of the Board be made up of either current or recently graduated students, people who have been historically marginalized by oppressive systems, and those with experience fighting against waste and pollution. Read more about this commitment.
Aldrumesia "Dru" Baker
Board Treasurer | she/her

Dru Baker is a lover of all things green and vegan, a sustainability technologist, and the Founder and Principal Consultant of The Dru Code Consultancy in Philadelphia, PA. Joining the PLAN Board after building a decade of deep experience in Green & Tech consulting, software engineering, and sustainable food movements, Dru has a knack for pairing technical skills with relationship-building, project management and a passion for sustainability advocacy. Dru’s advocacy work gives her a peek into a wasteless and technologically just world. They’re eager to continue combining their expertise in software engineering, global-scale problem-solving, and mission-driven sustainability to create Just-Transition-focused digital products and consultancy work.

Ari Moscone

Ari first got involved with PLAN in 2013 when she was an undergraduate student at UMass Amherst. During her time at UMass, Ari focused on developing Zero Waste programs on campus, including the campus’ first ever move out collection and move in tag sale, New2U! In 2017, she moved to Boulder, Colorado to work for Eco-Cycle, where she contributed to promoting Zero Waste initiatives as the Outreach and Engagement Manager. After 5 years at Eco-Cycle, Ari moved back into higher education to pursue her current role as the Zero Waste Outreach Coordinator at CU Boulder. During her free time, Ari enjoys activities such as thrifting, hiking, camping, and searching for dogs to pet.

Ben Hunkler

Ben is the communications lead with the Ohio River Valley Institute (ORVI), an Appalachian think tank working to advance clean energy, shared prosperity, and more equitable civic structures across Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. They previously helped build opposition to fossil fuel and petrochemical infrastructure in Belmont County, Ohio, as a community organizer with Concerned Ohio River Residents. Ben grew up in Pataskala, OH and studied sociology and Spanish at Kenyon College. Likes: black raspberry chip ice cream, Sakura felt-tip pens, biking, dried flowers. Dislikes: scary movies, single-family zoning, March.

Elliot Boyle

Elliot Boyle is an alumnus of Vermont Law School and the Yale School of the Environment. He currently works as a law clerk in Maine. He has a background in both academic and career focused environmental work, especially in the world of circular economics and recycling. While his current career focuses on community lawyering, he is excited to utilize his environmental toolset to help PLAN with its projects and goals moving forward.

Faye Christoforo

Faye joined the PLAN team in 2014, helped to build the organization through its first decade and transitioned from staff to board member in 2023. Currently, Faye is passionate about helping other organizations reflect their values in their operations, building the world we want to live in. They are now the Co-Director of the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund. Faye lives in Maine with their partner, three cats, three ducks and two very small dogs.

Julian M. Hill

Julian Hill is an assistant professor at Georgia State University College of Law, as well as a lifelong learner, a community organizer, an artist, and an attorney. Julian was a teaching fellow at Georgetown Law and, prior to that,  advised worker cooperatives, collectives, and nonprofits at TakeRoot Justice, while also co-facilitating bi-lingual workshops, co-developing advocacy campaigns, and testifying before government officials. Raised in Kankakee, Illinois, Julian taught high school Spanish in Compton, Calif. with Teach for America, which inspired the launch of Yo Hablo, which uses hip-hop to teach Spanish.

Kamau Pope

As a dirt road academic, storyteller, and historian, Kamau is a Ph.D. student in the History Department at Duke University. Their research uses historical narratives and oral histories in the U.S. South to explore Black, queer, and trans resistance and resiliency. Kamau is also interested in the history of the environment and unpacking its relationship to capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy. Along with their scholarly pursuits, Kamau holds many political homes and non-profits close to their heart. These organizations are Southerners on New Ground (SONG), Tiger’s Eye Collective, Carolina Youth Action Project, and of course, PLAN.

Mia Papageorge
Co-Chair | she/her

Mia grew up in Indianapolis, IN. She moved to the East Coast to study Environmental Studies, Economics, and French at the University of Vermont. After her studies, she moved to Colorado to work at a ski resort, lived and taught English in Bordeaux, France to high schoolers, and deckhanded on wildlife sightseeing boats in Alaska.  Mia currently enjoys her job at her local health department in Indiana.  She enjoys working toward an equitable future through outdoor environmental education, agriculture, food systems, public health, and environmental and social justice.

Misha Haas

Misha is an herbalist, jewelry maker/artist, and fantasy nerd from New Hampshire. She works in community to redistribute wealth to Black, Indigenous, POC and Trans and Queer individuals and communities. Her intention is to support those building safety, providing care for themselves, and to one another. Redistribution happens both in and outside the nonprofit industrial complex, challenging the ways philanthropy often upholds violent and destructive industries. She thinks the world would be a better place if they taught about Alok Vaid-Menon and adrienne maree brown in school.

Oswaldo Morales Solorzano
Co-Chair | he/they

Oswaldo is from Reno, NV but is currently living in New Haven, CT. He graduated from Swarthmore College in 2021 in Environmental Studies and Engineering, and joined the Office of Sustainability at the College after graduating to assist in environmental justice initiatives, zero waste efforts, and supporting Indigenous communities on/off campus. Currently, they are pursuing a Masters of Environmental Management at Yale School of the Environment. He wholeheartedly believes that food is a love language and loves to spend time cooking with others.

Sky Brown

Sky Brown is an undergraduate student at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. There, she is receiving her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Conservation Law. She was born and raised in Appalachia and is a community advocate for a cleaner and safer environment for underrepresented communities in her region. During her third year of undergrad, she was given the opportunity to join PLAN's STOP Fellowship, which would forever positively change her outlook on environmental activism. For the future, she is hoping to receive her Masters in Environmental Science and attend law school. Sky believes in the environmental sector, we all deserve to be heard.

Sofia Mesa

Sofia is the Operations manager at Break Free From Plastic movement US. Supporting the team with budget management, communications, grants, and capacity building projects. Sofia started their zero waste journey at a nonprofit in Miami, FL and focused on education, consulting, local policy, and community building. On campus, Sofia launched a free thrift swap, and eliminated single-use plastics from waste streams. Sofia previously interned at PLAN, campaigning for transparency and corporate accountability within soda corporations and published a toolkit on student-led Sustainable Soda Campaigns. They ground their work in people and communities and the undeniable right to a life free from harm from greedy corporations and private interests. Sofia loves reading, walkable cities, thrifting, journaling, and swimming with goggles on.

Theresamarie Banks

Theresamarie is an undergrad student at Bethany College WV majoring in Interdisciplinary Biology in Animal Studies and is a person of all arts ranging from riding horses, music, painting, writing, and theater. She plays over 23 instruments and has a love for nature, growing up working with poultry, gardening veggies, and herbs. Theresamarie is certified in American Sign Language and active advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing community, being the founder and president of Bethany ASL club at Bethany College WV. In her free time, she likes to ride horses, make music in the studio, and crochet for Knitting for Cancer Inc. making hats and blankets for Cancer Warriors in the region. She is also an active member of Greener Bethany helping her college campus transition to be more green. In the future, Theresamarie hopes to get her doctorate in animal behavior and open a community garden for children and teens to come and learn about sustainability and the environment.