Partnership with PLAN

We believe that addressing the Waste Crisis requires a movement, and within it radical collaboration between mission-aligned organizations. Our partners expose students to new viewpoints by speaking at events, offering accessible alternatives to zero waste products and equipment, creating unique educational resources, and more. All of our partners have been vetted and screened via the guidelines outlined in PLAN's Ethical Partnerships Policy, released in January 2022.

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How We Partner


We work closely with partners to create and co-host trainings, webinars, and best-practice manuals. These tools expose multiple Points of Intervention to our engaged student audience and guide their exploration.


Movement-aligned organizations provide mentorship, resources, and collaboration to student organizers on our member campuses. Partners can connect with and sponsor student fellows in our Atlas and STOP Fellowship programs.


Events like our Students for Zero Waste Conference gather the most passionate waste-focused students across the country. Sponsorship is an opportunity to get connected to this audience and support us in offering subsidized tickets that make events accessible to all.

Some of our Movement Partners

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Development Director
Interested in partnering with PLAN or learning more about sponsorship opportunities? Reach out to Will!