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Our resources provide the educational framework for students to holistically understand the Waste Crisis and implement solutions on their campuses. No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to zero waste programming.

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Community Hub


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Your starting place when planning, creating, or improving a zero waste program.
PLAN manuals are best-practice guides. Each of our manuals contain 20-100+ pages of deep dives into projects that can be replicated on your campus. Each manual is accompanied by case studies and supplemental resources to support you in figuring out how your own unique campus can take action. We also offer condensed Quick-Guides for specific skill-building topics.

Live Digital Trainings

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Connect with like-minded peers, expand your skills, and get more deeply involved in the Zero Waste Movement.
PLAN hosts a rotating selection of live, digital trainings each semester. Each session incorporates an interactive, discussion-based model where you will be able to ask questions, troubleshoot project challenges related to a specific topic, and learn from the experiences of others. Live trainings are free to students and staff at our member campuses—and anyone can attend with a sliding scale donation to our Movement Building Fund.

Leadership Certification

Build leadership skills while visioning a campus project, then gain funding to make your vision a reality.
The Beyond Waste Leadership Certification is a digital and self-guided skills-building program that covers critical leadership topics through pre-recorded video lessons. 

Interactive activities will guide you through planning a hypothetical campus project of your choosing, such as starting a compost program or creating a new student organization, with the opportunity to apply for funding to make your project a reality once you complete the program!

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Search these directories of photos, case studies, movement tools, and more.
The Case Study Database is a directory of nearly 550 case studies of successful zero waste programs and campus initiatives. Topics cover a wide variety of zero waste programs, while highlighting both student-run projects and institutional directives that challenge systemic waste on campuses.

The Leadership Tools Database explores essential movement skills for student leaders. This includes templates and guides on topics such as anti-oppressive facilitation, how to build a coalition, increasing accessibility of your program, and more! 

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Build leadership skills while visioning a campus project, then gain funding to make your vision a reality.
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Most of our resources are only available to members.If your school is a member campus, you will automatically have access through the Community Hub. If not, select resources are available by request. Send an email to our Education Director!