2023-24 STOP Year in Review

A Year in Review of the 2023-24 STOP Cohort, from our Fellowship Coordinator, Roo.

STOP Semester in Review Fall 2023

Our Plastics Campaign Director Young recaps our inaugural event at Marshall University, and how students of the STOP Fellowship converged for a transformational experience.

Testimonials from the 2022-23 STOP Cohort

The Students Taking on Oil & Petrochemicals Fellowship is a paid opportunity for students located in the Ohio River Valley that are interested in learning about and taking action against the petrochemical industry in our region. Learn more about the program in these reflections from previous cohorts of Fellows.

STOP Fellows Fall 2022 Reflections

Reflections from our Campaign Director Young about the STOP Fellowship and organizing in areas directly impacted by waste infrastructure,

STOP Fellows Spring 2022 Updates

Fall updates from our 2021-22 Students Taking on Oil & Petrochemicals cohort.

STOP Fellows Fall 2021 Updates

Spring updates from our 2021-22 Students Taking on Oil & Petrochemicals cohort.

2020-21 STOP Year In Review

Updates from our 2020-21 Students Taking on Oil & Petrochemicals Cohort.

UT Dallas’ Path to Plastic Free

A Break Free From Plastic case study from the University of Texas, Dallas.

Top 10 Zero Waste Campuses in 2021

We are excited to release the first annual list of Top 10 Zero Waste Campuses in the United States (as assessed by PLAN’s Atlas Zero Waste Certification™ Program)!

Atlas Hot Take 2: Why We Don’t Want to Dig Through Your Trash

It isn’t that we think we’re too good to dig through your trash. But waste audits – and the kind of information we get from them – are not a part of the Atlas assessment for a couple of reasons.

Atlas Hot Take 1: Infrastructure Change Must Precede Behavior Change

We see countless colleges and universities focusing their resources on educating their student body on the importance of recycling and how to correctly sort their trash, but with no real improvements in diverting trash away from the landfill or decreased contamination rates. Why is this the case?

5 Reasons Why The Diversion Metric Does Not Measure Zero Waste

The diversion metric is a flawed tool that should be universally rejected as a measurement for zero waste. While the metric can serve useful as part of a larger data set, it DOES NOT measure a holistic zero waste system. Here’s why!

Goodbyes from PLAN’s Co-Executive Director Team

As we enter an exciting transition to a Worker Self Directed Non-Profit, our outgoing Co-Executive Directors take a moment to reflect and offer personal notes about their time with PLAN.

PLAN Becomes a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit

PLAN is excited to formally announce its transition to a Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit (WSDNP). The transition comes as we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary in 2023. Learn more about our new structure!