The text “Community Hub” is surrounded by icons from various PLAN projects, such as advising, the Beyond Waste Leadership Certification, and Campaigns. Map pin icons are connected by arrows to create a web.

Access digital resources and a community of campuses working towards zero waste solutions.

What does the Community Hub offer?

A screenshot of our Community Hub page of all of our manuals, such as Compost, Food Recovery, and Free and Thrift stores.

Unlimited access to our digital
resource library of manuals, databases, and live trainings

Community features to connect with others on your campus and beyond, troubleshoot projects, and share wins

A screenshot of a staff advising profile, which includes their name, alma mater, areas of expertise, bio, and a scheduling link.

1-on-1 advising from experienced PLAN staff on project support, leadership development, and more

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Get in touch about our platforms

Isabel (she/her)
Communications Director

The Community Hub's full features are only available to Member Campuses. Access our free resources with a Guest Account, and read about PLAN Membership if you're wanting more!