A graphic depicting a group of people holding a large white banner that reads Post-Landfill Action Network. Individual figures are additionally holding a megaphone and signs with imagery from PLAN's other programs, such as Beyond Waste Leadership Certification, Students Taking on Oil & Petrochemicals, and Break Free From Plastic Pledge.
Video still of a person standing on top of an earth, searching for something in the distance with a hand to their forehead. There is a bicycle to their right side. The text reads “What is PLAN Membership?”

Join a network of campuses that are uplifting student leaders and pursuing holistic solutions to waste.

With a PLAN membership, everyone on campus has access to our digital resources, trainings, and community-building opportunities. Collectively, we can build a world beyond waste.

What does my campus get with Membership?

Unlimited access to our
resource library of manuals, databases, and trainings

Two chat bubbles, one aqua and one purple, combine in the center forming a lightbulb with a sprout inside.

1-on-1 advising from PLAN staff on project support, leadership development, and more

A person sitting down cross-legged with a laptop in their lap, wearing headphones, with location markers over their head connected by thin arrows.

A Community Hub to connect, troubleshoot, and share wins with campuses across the US

Testimonials from our Members

PLAN was a reliable support throughout the process ofstarting our move-out program. Their manuals gave us direction, and advising calls gave us ideas. It's reassuring and encouraging to know PLAN is there for us as we grow our young program.

Anna Moore & Caitlin Remers
University of South Dakota

We live in a world desperately needing change, but passion and solutions already exist all around us. The only thing missing is a link between people and ideas. That's what PLAN is doing: helping connect pieces of the puzzle that is the Zero Waste Movement.

Bekah Vinyard
Clark University

Discovering PLAN made me realize we weren’t alone. There is a whole movement of student leaders and we are making a difference.

Amanda Chang
Pitzer College

Working with PLAN has helped me carry out my work on campus more effectively. Whether completing a specific leadership training or a one-on-one session, I always leave with a better idea of the steps that I'll need to take to turn my plans into reality.

Allegra Nolan
New College of Florida

How much is the annual Membership fee?

Small Schools
0-5k Students
This price is based on 4-year, predominately white institutions.    
Small, 4-year MSI’s begin at $350/yr.
Small, 2- year community colleges or trade schools begin at $250/yr.
Medium Schools
5-15k Students
This price is based on 4-year, predominately white institutions.    
Medium, 4-year MSI’s begin at $500/yr.
Medium, 2-year community colleges or trade schools begin at $350/yr.
Large Schools
15k+ Students
This price is based on 4-year, predominately white institutions.    
Large, 4-year MSI’s begin at $750/yr.
Large, 2-year community colleges or trade schools begin at $500/yr.

Members have opportunities for deeper engagement with PLAN's programming.

A tiered stair step of floating blocks in light purple, dark blue, and mint colors that read “SZW” going down.

Discounts for our annual
Students for Zero Waste Conference

A hand holds up a megaphone.

Support with student-led Plastic Free Campaigns on campus

The Atlas logo, which is an aqua telescope with the base shaped like an arrowhead that creates the “A” in the word “Atlas”.

Establishing zero waste commitments with the 3-stage Atlas Fellowship Program

Join our growing network of campuses!

Headshot of Chelsea.
Get in touch about Membership

Chelsea (she/her)
Membership Director
Membership contributions are on a sliding scale based on school type and size.If this fee is a barrier, campuses can apply for their membership to be fully or partially funded through our Movement Building Fund.