PLAN recognizes that every campus is unique. We work individually with our members to support impactful student leadership.

PLAN Members can schedule 1:1 advising with our staff of Campus Advisors. We support sustainability offices and student organizations with zero waste project execution, connection to resources and other campuses, leadership development, and post-grad career placement. Our Campus Advisors fill a gap between staff capacity and student ambition.

Learn about programs PLAN's advising has supported:

University of South Dakota’s first move-out program

One of PLAN's move-out panels inspired a University of South Dakota student to build a program on campus as her Spring 2021 internship. PLAN advised on building institutional support, tracking donations, and orienting volunteers. Over the course of the first move-out week, the program diverted more than 4,400 pounds of material from the landfill, including over 500 items of clothing, 20 crates of food, 70 rugs, 50 mirrors, and 25 mattress pads. The success of the first year created excitement, pride, and  support for future years!

Bethany College's switch to reusable to-go ware

With the support of PLAN staff, students at Bethany College received a $15,000 grant to replace single-use plastic and styrofoam containers with a campus-wide reusable to-go container program. This switch came after Greener Bethany club members collected petition signatures from 30% of the student body to support the change. In addition to purchasing the needed equipment, the Greener Bethany student club conducted an information campaign to educate the student body about the use and importance of the program.

University of Louisville's Free Store

PLAN supported students at the University of Louisville with reviving their campus Free Store in the 2021-22 school year. Students drafted a proposal that outlined staffing and supply needs, program budget, and implementation. Our advising supported them with identifying case studies from other campuses and training Free Store staff to assist with program implementation. Their proposal was approved and the Free Store has served as a community-building space on campus since.

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