Break Free From Plastic Campus Pledge logo. Dark blue circle with an outline of a water bottle and disposable fork inside along with text that reads #Break Free From Plastic Campus Pledge.

A pledge to guide campuses towards the long-term elimination of single-use disposable plastics

Banner with college logos that have signed on to the Break Free from Plastic Campus Pledge. The college logos include Colby-Sawyer College, Cerritos College, Emory University, Marshall, University of California, College of the Atlantic, Eckerd College, Durham Tech, Sterling College, and College of Environmental Science and Forestry at State University of New York.

The above campuses commit to reducing single-use plastic through these steps of the Pledge:

Develop a Plastic-Free or Zero-Waste Task Force including students, staff, faculty from appropriate departments, and administration that develops a roadmap to a plastic free campus. This includes setting goal dates for remaining steps of this pledge.
Immediate elimination of all non-essential, non-compostable, single-use disposable plastics with readily available alternatives. In this step the Task Force will identify the items that are harder to eliminate because of a lack of available alternatives. All campuses are expected to ensure that disposable products are still available for accessibility reasons where applicable.
Establish a procurement and/or purchasing policy which provides the framework for the long-term elimination of all non-essential, non-compostable, single-use disposable plastics both provided by the institution and those provided by contracted food vendors. This policy will focus on systematically switching all of these items to reusables or compostables that don’t contain PFAS.
Implementation of campus-wide systems that facilitate the proper collection and management of the non-disposable products from step 3.
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